Domke 700-J1B

Domke 700-J1B is camera bag to carry 2 camera bodies with motor drives, 4-6 autofocus lenses, flash, meter film and accessories. The bag features 14 pockets and compartments, including two large front pockets and two pen/flashlight pockets with Removable padded floorboard, Deluxe hand strap with leather grip, Gripper™ shoulder strap securely surrounds entire bag, Fitted end pocket flaps with tough hook and loop closures, includes Main compartment has padded top with zippered pocket to store filters, film and accessories. The Domke 700-J1B has exterior size 19.5W x 8″D x 11.5″H, interior size 14″W x 7″D x 11″H, and weighs 4.0 lb 2.0 oz (1.87 kg).

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User Opinions

Domke 700-J1B User Reviews

Great bag for hobbyist
“I had previously only ever used Tamrac and LowePro, but Irealized for some of my shoots I didn’t want to be slamminginto folks when I turned a corner with a backpack. The J-1is large enough to accommodate the lions share of my gear(70-300mm, 28-200mm, 420/430, 580 speedlites) and still haveroom for two bodies yet still gives me a little moremovement than a hiking pack. “ – By Addison C
Rating: ★★★★☆

Awesome Bag, Loads of Room
“This bag has a lot of room but is a bit on the heavy side. You definitely need a WELL PADDED strap if you are going to carrying this around loaded. I had very sore shoulders after trekking around NY for 3 days straight. The FA-100 Backpack Strap or FA-031 U.S. Post Office Shoulder Pad is a must for long trips. It is built like a tank and would not give it a second thought if I drop it on the ground. Another note, the bag will hold a 70-200 VR mounted on a D3 standing upright.” – By Adrian
Rating: ★★★★★

Jim Domke’s Best Bag
“While the F-2 is widely regarded as a great bag, this one clearly works better. It’s a bit bigger and more importantly, made of nylon which cuts the dust and fluff that would otherwise get into my lenses. This pack is padded, but not overly so. The interior walls are made of the soft Velcro, so you can attach dividers anywhere you want. Each end pocket is large enough to hold two Canon 550EX flashes. “ – By Bags Stuff
Rating: ★★★★★

Quality as usual
“This is no news to me. This is my fourth Domke bag in 13 years. And apart from tear and ware on the canvas, and one strap, they all are in good shape. This is my second J-1, and the bag is perfect for middle size equipment. One SLR, and 4-5 lenses, flash and acessories.” – By Frank Ruud
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice bag for large camera
“This bag takes Canon 1d Mk lll, 70-200LIS 2.8, 24-105LIS, 17-40L 4.0, tamron 90mm 1.2 macro and canon 1.4X extension with no problems along with (2) canon 580EX flash units and assorted polarizing lenses, cleaning equipment, manuals, and tripod attachments. What else can I say?? I know, it’s heavy (not the bag, the equipment). To carry this much stuff, you need the Post Office strap.” – By Thomas L. Fluharty
Rating: ★★★★★

Holds everything + the kitchen sink
“It’s the Grand Canyon of camera bags. I can now carry a 1DmkIII, the 300 f/4 & 70-200 f/2.8, plus my 135mm, 50mm, and 16-35, all hoods, the 580EX II, plus misc. crap in one bag. Don’t forget the Domke Shoulder Pad – it barely makes the weight tolerable, but it works. I do not recommend this as an “all-day” type of carrying solution. I tried it once for about 4 hours and my back was screaming for another 4 after. But it does exactly what I wanted and it’s sturdy and roomy; it has the side pockets that gobble up quite a bit of accessory equipment..” – By Casual Guru
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent medium sized bag from Domke
“This is my third Domke bag, and probably the only brand I’ll ever buy. I have a smaller “walk around” bag (Domke F3B Super Compact), but I bought the 700-J1B when I need to have all of my equipment with me. The best thing is that it easily holds my new Sigma 150-500 lens, which is a huge lens. It also holds my Nikon D-90 with attached 18-200 lens, as well as my Leica V-Lux 1 with room for my Nikon 12-24 lens, and my complete Lensbaby setup. Additional pockets hold my extra batteries, chargers, filters and lens cleaning equipment…” – By Stephen Pituck
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Domke 700-J1B Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Domke 700-J1B Features & Specifications

This Domke J-1 bag is made from tough as nails 1050 ballistic nylon this is one durable bag. Ideal for 2 camera bodies with motor drives of professional digital cameras, there is even room for 4-6 autofocus lenses. Moveable divider walls and padded end pocket inserts give this bag flexibility and great protection for your gear. A handy removable hand carry strap is included.

Facts and Figures:
* 14 pockets and compartments, including two large front pockets and two pen/flashlight pockets.
* Removable padded floorboard.
* Deluxe hand strap with leather grip.
* Gripper™ shoulder strap securely surrounds entire bag.
* Fitted end pocket flaps with tough hook and loop closures.
* Thumb release buckles keep pockets closed even when over-stuffed.
* Padded inserts included for interior and both end pockets.
* Rubber treads on bottom.
* Indestructible steel snaphooks and welded O-rings.
* Main compartment has padded top with zippered pocket to store filters, film and accessories.
* Adjustable closures let you “pack it” in without worry.
* Subdued labeling deters unwanted attention.
* Easily accommodates Domke’s additional interchangeable inserts.
* Ballistic not machine washable

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