DIY: Ringlight

A ringflash or ring light gives your photos a unique look, because by using a ring light all light is coming from the front, imparting a virtually shadowless look onto the front of your subject, while even shadows show around the edges of any three-dimensional surface. You can buy a ringlight for around 1000 bucks or you can make your own ringflash for $100 and 3 hours of time to assemble by following this guide written by Instructables member Bankara.


Materials needed:
-20 feet of 12 gauge wire, 10 black, 10 white. it is pretty cheap, maybe 30 cents a foot.
-12 100 watt bulbs, $5
-bag of electrical connection caps, $3
-box of 1″ screws (for sockets)
-box of 5/8″ screws (for hinges and bolt locks)

Tools required

-wire stripper
-electric drill


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