DIY: Build Your Own Tilt-Shift Lens

I’ve been wanting to buy a tilt-shift lens to shoot pictures like these for ages, but when you’re looking at the price and thinking that you just want to use the lens for fun, then those lenses are just too expensive. Fortunately, Dennison has written a really nice step-by-step tutorial to build your own PC Shift lens. What you need are Lens, Rubber Plunger, Cardboard, and Plastic Body cap.


“The lens you use must be intended for a format larger than the format you intend to use the lens on. IE: In this example i use a lens intended for 6×6 image on a 35mm camera. If I wanted to build this for medium format I would not only need a larger plunger, but a lens that was capable of at least 6×8, with 6×9 being preferable.”

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