DIY: Build a Digital Camera from a Flatbed Scanner

I know that this article is a bit oudated as it was written back in 2000 where digital camera was a luxury item. But I guess it’s still an interesting project to do..


“My approach basically involves trashing a $100 scanner. I disassembled the scanner and took out all the electronics, the CCD image sensor, and the stepper motor mechanism, and built a new mechanism to hold it all together, and rotate the CCD and lens assembly to scan its environment, instead of a piece of paper.”

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  1. Stefan says:

    Inspired by this and other scanner cameras I have decided to go to action myself.
    Go there:

    You can find information and instructions of how to make a scannercamera at my website. I have now posted page 4 (20070702) and I estimate to have this project up and running with an estimated 10 pages long description of the project by the end of Juli 2007.

    There are also a lot of links collected thath relates to this project on the same site.

    Go there:

    Regards/ Stefan

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