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Welcome to Proof Imaging! As well as the highest quality and best digital imaging equipment in the industry, we offer the knowledge and experience necessary to make it all work cohesively. Our work is a testament to our name!

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What kind of printer do you use?

We use a PolilettronicaLaserlab (up to 20″X30″) and Oce Display LightJet 430 (up to 50″X120″).

I like my InkJet printer, why should I use a digital-C?

Logo Digital CprintWe love our ink jets printers too! Our sister site: uses the latest Epson InkJet technology along with the industry leading GMG rip to produce extremely accurate CMYK proofs. However, when it comes to photographic fine art printing we would argue there is nothing quite like a real photographic print. If digital photography has been leaving you feeling flat, it might be time to see how your digital images look on photographic media. We would also argue that because we keep our rates low, they are comparable in price to inkjet prints when you account for the cost of ink and paper, not to mention your time.

What are the differences between LightJet, Lambda, Chromira and ‘Poli’ prints?

They all work on the same principle – light exposing photographic media – that is then chemically processed with RA4 chemistry. The Poli and LightJet are arguably the sharpest of the 4 printer technologies because the paper is exposed with lasers while the print is held stationary (instead of moving, e.g. with Chomira and Lambda). The Chomira also uses light emitting diodes (LED’s) instead of lasers which just aren’t as sharp, and although the Lambda uses lasers to expose the photographic media the media is moving whilst being exposed resulting in a slightly blurred image. When it comes to a digital C-print, LightJet and Poli are simply the sharpest.

Are your prints suitable for fine art exhibition?

We work with many top photographers in New York City and across the country, some prints have sold for thousands of dollars at various fine art auctions and gallery shows. Despite commitment to outstanding service, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates we hold our product to the highest quality standards.

Do you offer mounting and framing?

Yes, we have made alliances with the best fine art mounters and framers in New York City to offer fine art quality at the best rates. For prices please call or email for a quote.

Check us out online, or at our Studio in NYC! We offer a full range of digital imaging services, and we ship to any location!

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