Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame

Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame features 512MB internal memory, memory card reader for easy viewing, 640 X 480 high-resolution picture display, 4:3 aspect ratio, built-in USB port, and Internal stereo speakers. This digital photo frame also supports CF, MD, MS, MMC, SD, and xD memory cards, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays JPEG, BMP, MP3 and MPEG media files. The Digital Photo Frame measures (W x H x D) 10 x 8 x 0.9″ (254 x 203.2 x 22.9mm) and weight 2 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame User Reviews

Good value
“Digital Spectrum MF-1041 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame. There are hundreds of choices in the digital picture frame world. Digital Spectrum met my needs – budget, size, capability. I wanted a large, 3X4 format frame with the ability to play background music. A knowledgeable and responsive technical assistance link was a bonus. Simple, flexible, functional. I really like it.” – By Herb C. Fauth
Rating: ★★★★★

Vivid digital photo frame with calendar/clock
“I bought this item because it was top rated by Consumer’s Reports, and it has lived up to expectations. Also, when I had to contact their support people because my photos were not displaying in proper sort order, they responded quickly and with detailed instructions… It would be nice if you could take a quick look at the date and time without always going back to the first photo. This is especially true since the photo size is quite a bit smaller when sharing the screen with the calendar/clock, so we generally prefer slideshow mode. “ – By R. G. Hegeman
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent value
“In summary, as a photo frame, it worked perfectly fine for me. As a video frame, it worked fine as long as you have the correct video format. The video plays back very well and with decent volume that can be controlled via the remote. Despite the flaws with video, I still recommend the product based on the large frame and price. “ – By W. Jaffier
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digital photo frame
“I actually bought this item for my wife for Christmas, so I haven’t used it all; but my wife quickly figured out how to program it. At the moment she has it set on a counter and it has been doing a slideshow of a day trip we took. We are both really impressed with it. Nice picture quality and she put music on as it has its own speakers. My wife is intending to put pictures on a flash drive which can be plugged into it and she can put photos on that she wants to show them. Then unplug the flash drive and revert back to the regular slideshow. The remote control is also very handy.” – By W. Park
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice. Simple Frame
“Bought this as a Christmas gift for a family member and ended up keeping it. The frame is of medium qualilty looks wise.. the wooden frame is OK.. Fairly easy to setup…instructions leave a lot to be desired. You can set up folders of shows on the internal memory, or flash card, usb, etc…. but it will not let you keep that setting.. so each time you turn it on it defaults to the firt show.. a dumb feature.. Plus, there is no provision for playing the slides in the shows in random order.. Sound is not bad at all for a little frame..” – By G. Vaccaro
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digital Picture Frame MF1041 (Feb/10) – Nice product
“This is the first frame I’ve bought. Earlier ones were not very flexible, software-wise. I’m really happy with this selection. It runs all day showing pictures of grandkids, vacations, and family life. It has inspired us to digitize our ancient 35mm slides which have sat in the attic for the past 25 years. I loaded some soft Mediterranean instrumental music which plays in the background while our incredible pictures of Italy are showing. I have seen my wife just standing in front of the slide show, captured. I programmed the frame to run everyday, we switch SD cards every few days to keep the images fresh. It’s attractive, worked flawlessly from jumpstreet, and has brought nostalgic smiles to our faces each day.” – By Rick
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame Expert Reviews

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Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame User Manual (PDF)

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Features & Specifications

Digital Spectrum MF-1041 Digital Picture Frame Features & Specifications

The MF-1041 comes with a glossy piano black faceplate, an ultra slim modern body and a chrome metal stand, making for a sophisticated look right out of the box. A unique feature of the MemoryFRAME ULTRA series is that these products are designed to match any décor. The unit features interchangeable magnetic faceplates and is compatible with ready-made frames, available at any frame or home décor store.

There is an additional ivory art quality paper matte and an Espresso wood frame, allowing the user a wide variety of looks and style with one product. Display on your desk, book shelves or hand from a wall in either portrait or landscape view. Feature rich and easy to use, the MemoryFrame Ultra plays slideshows, movies and music, in addition to presenting your favorite family and vacation pictures in style. The user interface is very easy to use and features a unique film-strip preview.

In addition to the remote control, the MF-1041 features an intuitive joystick controller built into the back of the frame. Savvy enough for the office and customizable for the home, the MF-1041 has a clock and calendar function simultaneously displaying your favorite pictures while playing music in the background using the built-in stereo speakers. With internal memory of 512 MB, you can store 1000’s of images on board, and an endless number using memory cards in the built-in 4-in-1 card reader. The 10.4-inch digital 640 X 480 TFT LCD panel provides brilliant images. The 4:3 aspect ratio will ensure the images are displayed properly.

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