Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning Tip Roundup

Having a Digital SLR camera without an integrated sensor cleaning system can be really annoying as you’d have those tiny black specks on your digital photos. Even though you can easily remove them using cloning tool in photoshop, but believe me.. It’d take forever when you have to touch up hundreds of your digital images.


To make your life easier, it’s highly recommended that you eliminate them from future shots by cleaning your Digital SLR’s sensor.

Here we digg out the best tutorials and resources to help you clean your DSLR sensor with confidence;

Thumbnail Cleaning Digital Cameras – Instructions for cleaning your DSLR sensor with different products written by a Certified Photographic Consultant & Professional Camera Repairman, Larry Lyells
Thumbnail Copperhill CCD/CMOS Cleaning – Nicholas R has written a very nice step-by-step tutorial on cleaning your DSLR sensor using sensor swipe
Thumbnail Copperhill CCD/CMOS Cleaning – Thom Hogan explains how to clean your Nikon digital SLR sensor (D1, D1h, D1x, D2h, D2hs, D2x, D2xs, D50, D70, D70s, D100, D200, S1, S2, S3, 14n, 14nx, and SLR/n).
Thumbnail Luminous CCD/CMOS Cleaning Understanding DSLR Sensor Cleaning – Michael Reichmann’s dirty little secret on Digital SLR sensor cleaning.
Thumbnail Clubsnap DIY CCD cleaning – Huang Shao Fei writes a step-by-step DIY CCD cleaning using a dispensable cake knife.
Thumbnail GreggScott CCD Cleaning – Greg Scott compares the cleaning method recommended by Canon using blower and Canon factory service cleaning to the cleaning method by using Eclipse cleaner and Pec*Pad.
Thumbnail SensorCleaning Sensor Cleaning – answers on Who, What, When, Where, Why, How cleaning your DSLR sensor
Thumbnail Petteri Understanding Dust – Petteri offers helps to understand a few things about what dust is and how it behaves.
Thumbnail Shutterbug Cleaning The D-SLR Sensor – Jack Neubart writes some tips on cleaning your DSLR sensor with numerous different cleaning products


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  1. Really useful advice! I have lost count of the time my eos has had dust on the sensor even if I have been really careful and changed lenses in a clean enviroment.

  2. helpful collection of DC cleaning articles
    I know more about the dust now

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