Digital SLR camera with the Best Skin Tone Quality

ShootSmarter University has completed its first DSLR Shootout test to discover which DSLRs have the best and worst skin tone reproduction as determined by shootsmarter members. After 71 scorecards were tallied, here’s the result:


“As you can see, the popular 5D was the winner and really produced a terrific looking file that printed perfectly, and to our amazement the pricey 1Ds II was the lowest scoring skintone of the set.”

>> DSLR Skintone Shootout at ShootSmarter University

2 Responses to “Digital SLR camera with the Best Skin Tone Quality”

  1. will says:

    where is nikon D1x amazing skin tones!!

  2. sonnie says:

    try any Pentax DSLR … you will be stunned …

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