Photography Shopping Advice: Save or Splurge?

As most of you’re already know, photography, in this case..Digital Photography is not a cheap hobby. Especially if you want to get the top of the range equipments out here. But sometimes, being a bit stingy is a good thing. Here’s my buying advice on when you should save and when you should splurge when comes to buying your photography equipments.

Buying Advice - Save or Splurge?

You should SAVE when buying a digital camera.

The more expensive the camera is, the better camera we will get. That’s for sure. But, do you really need the best camera out here ? What about if you just make a list of features that you camera must have, then find the least expensive camera that has them all. Remember, your digital camera ages very quickly, and old digicams have a low resale value. Of course pro shooters who make a living out of their cameras are excepted from this.

You should SPLURGE when buying Lenses (DSLR users)

Nothing is more important than image quality, so get the best performing lens you can afford. To be able to use circular polarizing filter make sure your lens front doesn’t rotate when zoomed for focused. If you’re often shooting in low light, don’t forget to buy a high speed lens (f/1.4 or f/1.8 or f/2.8). For starter, you might want to buy lenses with focal length: 10-22mm (wide angle lens), 50mm f/1.8 (low light lens), 24-105mm (walkaround lens) and 70-300mm or 100-400mm (telephoto zoom lens).

You should SPLURGE when buying memory cards

Memory is realtively cheap, and prices keep dropping from time to time. You should buy the biggest memory you could afford as you would save even more by buying a large capacity memory cards. For example, a single 128MB card cost less than four 32MB cards.

You should SAVE when buying filters.

We won’t find a noticeable difference in photos shot with single-coated or multi-coated filters. So You should buy single coated filters as they cost less, but choose glass filters over plastic filters.

You should SPLURGE when buying tripods.

Carbon fiber tripods are lighter than other tripods made of other materials, and of course they also cost more.
Small, portable tripods are relatively inexpensive and flimsier, but they fit into a knapsack or air line carry on and are convenient in a pinch and of course they are more suitable for small digital cameras.

You should SAVE when buying flash

List the features you want that are available on your camera and the camera manufacturer’s flashes, then see if independently made flashes can match them. If they do, you can save a bundle.

You should SPLURGE when buying camera bags

If you do a lot of outdoor shootings, a well protected, padded bag specifically designed to protect cameras from elements is a smart investment.

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Originally Posted: 24.05.07

3 Responses to “Photography Shopping Advice: Save or Splurge?”

  1. btezra says:

    ~I definitely agree that you should always spend more to get the better glass, the lens makes all the difference when printing, and as for digi/slr’s, the Nikon D70 is the best buy for the $ IMHO~

  2. btezra says:

    ~forgot to mention, I just bought 4 1GB compact flash memrory cards, newegg had Kingston 1GB cards for $42 after rebate~

  3. DSLR Camera Body vs. Lens: Where To Put Your Money…

    Absolutely put more of your cash into the lenses. As much as it hurts to think about, you’re probably going to trash the body long before an equally priced lens. A good lens will also hold its value relatively well, even when the lens model is up…

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