Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage

Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage is a Digital Picture Storage features High-capacity 80GB hard drive to quickly save images on the spot; One touch photo backup directly from your digital camera memory card without a computer; Built-in memory card slots directly support CF I/II, MD, SD (including SDHC), MMC, MS, and xD (RS-MMC, miniSD, MS Duo, and MS PRO Duo with adapter); Fast copy speeds – can copy a full 1GB card in approximately 5 minutes; Copy status indicator displays percentage completed, copy confirmation, and number of files copied; User-removable Li-Ion battery rechargeable via computer USB port or external power adapter. The product dimension 4.6 x 3 x 0.8 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds.


Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage User Opinions

Wonderful, | Rating: ★★★★★
“First you must know that the LC display color isn’t green but blue, which for me is better. This little gadget is very useful to store your photos in a trip or when you’re on the field. It’s fast as reads lot of memory cards. In my case I’m using Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) and all is perfect.” – By F. Burzi

despite early issues I really like it, | Rating: ★★★★★
“I take a lot of pictures in raw so I need a lot of storage, I can shoot 6 gigs in a morning easy and I do like to review shots up close before deleting as some I didn’t like in the camera end up being good with a little processing. So a two week trip would use a lot of expensive cards. The Digital Foci Photo Safe is the perfect solution for me.” – By H. S. Teal

Ideal travel companion for flash-based HD camcorders and high megapixel cameras, | Rating: ★★★★★
“Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and, knowing what it does and doesn’t do, it is highly recommended as a simple and reliable device to back up flash cards while travelling. It’s the ideal companion to new flash-based high-def camcorders or even high megapixel cameras.” – By K. Lam

Digital Foci Photo Safe 80 GB photo storage, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“This gizmo was just what I needed and does the trick. It is self intuitive to use, small and compact and affordable. For those of you on a budget and cannot afford a fancy photoviewer/storage but need the photo card backup, this is a perfect solution.” – By Joon

5000 Photographs!, | Rating: ★★★★★
“The Photo Safe worked perfectly for this task. Each day we would all download to the Photo Safe, then erase our memory cards and go for more. It’s fast (1Gb in 5 minutes) and easy to use. I love it. When we got home we downloaded 5000 images and video clips. Now we’re in the process of reviewing and editing. It’s a great buy. It works using batteries or AC. We used three different types of memory cards.” – By Don Fike

Safe storage, | Rating: ★★★★★
“The Digial Foci Safe Storage is a basic means of having 2 copies of your vacation (or other) photos as you travel. If you keep the memory cards and this device separate, there should be no problem of getting at least 1 copy home. No viewing; just simple backup functions for your pics.” – By Donald VanGrouw

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Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage Reviews

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Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage User Manual Download

– Download Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage User Manual (PDF – 188kb)

Features & Specifications

Digital Foci Photo Safe 80GB Digital Picture Storage Features

Photo Safe – Portable Picture Storage with Card Reader is an essential digital camera companion for portable photo storage.
With Photo Safe all you have to do is (1) turn it on, (2) insert your memory card, (3) push the button then you can watch as Photo Safe counts up to 100% completion and all your photos are copied to Photo Safe. Never worry about running out of memory card space again. With Photo Safe, you can very easily collect all of your photos in one convenient device, without having to juggle so many different cards. When traveling with family and friends, you’ll be able to get a copy of everybody’s photos so can be sure not to miss any of the memories. — When you get home, simply connect Photo Safe to your computer and retrieve your photos.

* Photo Safe can copy at up to 3.4MB/sec – a full 1GB card can be copied in approximately 5 minutes.

* Photo Safe works with all popular media card formats: CF, MicroDrive, xD-Picture Card, MMC, SD/HC Card, miniSD, Memory Stick, MS PRO, and MS Duo/PRO Duo.

Its text/icon backlit LED screen shows key system information, including operational status, battery life, remaining hard drive capacity, and active partition (Photo Safe supports multiple hard drive partitions). The Copy Status Indicator displays percentage completed during copy, copy confirmation, and number of files copied upon completion.

* Photo Safe creates a unique folder name that indicates card type and copy sequence for each copy task to keep you organized.

* With its user-replaceable Li-Ion battery that is rechargeable via computer USB port or external AC power, Photo Safe provides the ultimate convenience both at home and on the go. — You can also use Photo Safe to backup your important computer files and to move large amounts of data from one computer to another.

* Photo Safe is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

* Package includes: Photo Safe, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, USB cable, AC power adapter, carrying case, and User’s Guide.

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