Digital Camera Buying Guide by CreativePro

CreativePro have completed the last part of their Digital Camera Buying Guide series which would help you to choose the best digital camera for your need.


Part 1: Budget, SLR vs. point-and-shoot, and resolution; This very first installment of their guide has a detailed discussion of all of the issues and considerations you need to make when hunting for a digital camera.

Part 2: Exposure controls (program modes, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO); After considering cost, category, and resolution, now it’s the time to look at the exposure control of your next digital camera. Here they try to answer common questions such as how much manual control do you want? Is automatic white balance important? And does film speed matter in a film-less camera?

Part 3: Light meters, lenses, image stabilization, autofocus, and flash; A few more essentials on your purchasing checklist: light metering, lens quality, focus, and flash are discussed here.

Part 4: Viewfinders, shutter lag, start-up time, histogram, exposure lock, and autobracketing; In this installment, you’ll learn how to evaluate camera basics (camera viewfinder and shooting speeds) and bells and whistles (histograms, panorama controls, and more).

Part 5: Output type, noise, color, sharpness, JPEG vs. Raw; Now they’re down to the pivotal issue of image quality. In this last installment they show you how to evaluate cameras for color, noise, and other image essentials.

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