Wacom Intuos 3

Wacom Intuos3

Far from being the sort of gadget that is really only of any use to dedicated artistic types or those with a strong creating leaning, the Wacom Intuos 3 does actually have much more to offer for casual home computer user. Naturally, its price tag and high end possibilities might not appeal to novice users, but it’s actually the sort of thing that can transform the way you use your PC. Not only that, it can convert your desktop working area into something of a style statement.

So What exactly are the advantages of a tablet/pen set up? Well, with a little practice it can certainly speed up the way you work and it also allows much greater control of the various tool options in just about any program you care to mention. There are obvious areas where this comes into its own, like using photoshop or other high powered editing and illustration applications

The pen can be customized to work depending on your won requirements using the preferences options. The Wacom Intuos2 has seen some considerable advances in the pen and tablet relationship to, with the latter having been honed to enable users even greater flexibility. Indeed, with its new ExpressKey and Touch Strips it’s now possible to pretty much dispense with a traditional keyboard altogether. Even working with bog-standard applications like word of excell can be transformed into a revolutionary new experience.

This gadget really does exude an air of class from every angle. The whole thing has been redesigned according to Wacom using color schemes such as Anthracite and Warm Champagne when describing the device. It’s hard to argue, but I reckon this is a wonderful looking peace of kit and its capabilities are unlimited.

Wacom Intuos 3 Reviews (Last update: 14.06.05)

Mark Goldstain reviewed the Wacom Intuos 3 at photographyblog.com and wrote:

“The only aspect of the overall package that I didn’t find so useful was the mouse – I continued to use my current mouse along with the tablet and pen and left the Wacom mouse in the box. You will also need to think carefully about which size Wacom Intuos3 will be most suitable for you. I chose to review the A4 version, thinking that bigger was better, but actually found it a little too big in relation to my 17 inch LCD screen – I would probably opt for the A5 version instead (and save some money too). Otherwise, the whole concept of a pen tablet and the Wacom Intuos3 itself are a breath of fresh air, and well worth a place in every photographer’s digital darkroom.”

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