DCP Systems Announces Plugins for Photoshop & QuarkXPress

DCP Systems has recently announced the availability of three brand new plug-ins for Photoshop; Photoframe 3, Mask Pro 4, Intellihance Pro and pxl Smartscale – as well as QX-Tools Pro 7, the new collection of QuarkXPress XTensions.



DCP Systems is announcing the introduction of three brand new software updates from the onOne portfolio for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Four plug-ins for Photoshop are included – Photoframe 3, Mask Pro 4, Intellihance Pro and pxl Smartscale – as well as QX-Tools Pro 7, the new collection of QuarkXPress XTensions.

“onOne software tools continue to develop as the sophistication and capability of essential software programs such as Photoshop and QuarkXpress progress,” says Darren Walker, DCP’s Sales Director. “onOne software plug-ins strive to make the functionality of Photoshop and QuarkXpress faster, easier and more beneficial for the user. These new versions from onOne bring even more capability, functionality and efficiency to the benefits of Photoshop and QuarkXPress.”

Photoframe 3
Photoframe 3 puts the finishing touch to perfect pictures and graphics by adding borders and edge effects. The software includes over 2000 natural and digital frames and also has the capability to create original frames for combination and customisation. The Photoshop plug-in also enables experimentation with edge effects, colours, blend modes, shadows, textures, bevels and more in the quest for the perfect border for each and every picture.

In version 3, a new frame browser makes for fast and simple frame finding and selection. A new frame preview grid simultaneously previews multiple frames and the new random frame generator automatically adds random frames, with favourites selectively saved for fast and easy future retrieval.

Mask Pro 4
New Mask Pro version 4 makes it easy in Photoshop to create masks, selections and clipping paths on difficult and intricate areas such as hair, glass and fog, maintaining transparency without edge haloing. The plug-in’s toolbox enables easy selection of the right tools for the job, for different parts of an image, with selection refinement in real time and making background replacement simplicity itself.

New to version 4 are built-in video tutorials and tips for each tool palette, delivering the right information to hand when it’s needed. The upgrade also features Wacom tablet support with users now able to take advantage of brush tool pressure sensitivity, increasing pressure on the Wacom pen, to vary the hardness and hence sharpness of the mask edge. A new Keep/Drop detail palette enables the exact colours selected with the eye-dropper and highlighter tools to be viewed, making it easier to see if the wrong colour has been selected and that the same colour is selected in both Keep and Drop areas. Colours are easily deleted or moved from Keep to Drop and vice versa.

Also new to Mask Pro 4 are improved navigation windows and additional tool improvements. Multi navigation windows can now be opened, each showing a different view from the original unmasked imaged, for example, the masked image against a solid colour background, above a new background, black and white masks and even in the software’s exclusive clean-up mask view. New tool improvements include seeing numerical values in tool palettes, auto-scrolling when the edge of the image is hit, a hot key to constrain the pen tool to 45O angles and enforcing highlighted zones, all making Mask Pro more functional for power users and easier to learn for novices.

Intellihance Pro 4
Intellihance Pro 4 enables javascript dynamic image enhancement and colour correction, enabling easy processing to make Photoshop images really look their best. The software automatically and simultaneously compares and prints up to 25 professional enhancement variations at once. The plug-in can enhance digital images from any source and is ideal for digital camera pictures. The software interactively adjusts any setting including colour, contrast, and sharpening in preparing its simulations for comparison. Enhancement settings can be saved for future use and presets are available directly from the Photoshop menu for quick and easy processing.

Photoshop users have long preferred Intellihance Pro, says onOne, for colour correcting and enhancing images. Intellihance Pro automatically analyses and corrects images from any source, including digital cameras, flatbed and drum scanners or original digital artwork.

pxl SmartScale
pxl SmartScale provides easy image scaling with edge controls in increasing image size in Photoshop. Intuitive tools enable size and resolution scaling, with previews in real time. Quality can also be refined by controlling overall sharpness, edge contrast and edge detail, with easy image editing using the included crop tools. The software adds extra control over image edges as size and resolution are increased.

Pxl SmartScale examines the image edges before scaling and after increasing in size, it provides the opportunity to fine tune edge treatment and sharpening control. With this fine tuning ability, pxl SmartScale is ideal for images with distinct edges or for images whose edge halos need to be reduced or eliminated.

QX-Tools Pro 7
QX-Tools Pro version 7 boasts being the most popular collection of XTensions available for QuarkXPress. The revolutionary performance, time and cost saving software, features award winning Xtensions to make everyday use of the advanced QuarkXPress creative design software faster and easier. This new update is fully compatible with QuarkXPress 7.

The plug-in now includes QX-Find-Change which allows users to queue several find-change commands into a single process. Also new to Version 7 are a host of capabilities designed to make QuarkXpress working even better. There’s a new multiple text selection tool, QX-SuperSelect, QX-Underline for rule and line control and QX-Tips&Tricks. The new QX-WYSIWYG palette displays all active fonts and QX-DragAndDrop delivers drag & drop capability with even more scope.

All onOne Software’s productivity and performance tools can be purchased on-line and downloaded from the DCP Systems website and this includes telephone support. Free, fully working evaluation copies are also downloadable from the DCP website and full versions are also available on CD direct from DCP Systems.

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