Photo Inspiration: Surreal Photography by Cole Rise

Antimethod (Cole Rise), of of my fave photographers at Flickrz, has just been interviewed by;

Photograph by Cole Rise

That photo, “One Would”, has been faved more than a thousand times now. Even by me. How did you do this? Any special photo manipulation tricks you could share with us?

…My brother did a running jump – this was the second of three snapshots of the motion. I added some texture I found in a week later in Seattle to give him an atmosphere in which to jump through, and adjusted curves slightly to bring out the color in the field and the sky in the background. I wanted to work on it more actually, but realized after an hour of tooling in post that it was better as is. I usually spend 8 or more hours on a photo – for this I think it was about three, the third being the extra hour of tooling…”

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  1. […] I’m thrilled to have found Cole Rise today.  His photos have such a special texture to them and I’m finding myself loving them all.  I’m no way near a non-photoshop purist, but didn’t think I’d appreciate his work when hearing about the amount of post work (up to 8 hours per photo) he does.  I was wrong.  His work is amazing.  Be sure to check out his interview as well. Source:  […]

  2. kristy says:

    I’m a photography teacher at Raytown High School in Missouri and I’m wanting for my students to do a surrealism project. I really like the look of your photograph and I was wondering if you could give me a more detailed description of the editing you did in photoshop?
    Thanks so much!

    Kristy Nevinski

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