Photo Inspiration: Photo Manipulation

Great samples of what photoshop is capable of..

Click on the image to visit D-Jukatri’s gallery at DeviantArt

5 Responses to “Photo Inspiration: Photo Manipulation”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hey, I love this.
    I wanted to know if you have tutorials.
    I’ve just gotten into photo manipulaion and I’d love to turn out work like this.

  2. Rebecca… We’ve got some photoshop tutorials here, but nothing will show you how to make an image like above tho..

  3. Eden says:

    Hi man.. can i get the url or tutorial how to do tiz.. I try to check the url u gave to Rebecca.. wic is 21 pages.. there no tutorial… 4 pic above.. i wud like to manipulate my photo like tat..

  4. Edgar says:

    I don’t think there’s a tutorial for that one, normally that awesome images are the result of hours of work. and a tutorial will be tons of pages.

    I’m not sure but my guess is that the image also have uses some external filters.

  5. Memo says:

    it’s just a mask filter for 2 image !!

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