Photo Inspiration: Macro Photography

Alex Wild is a Ph.D. candidate in entomology in the Ward Ant Lab at the University of California, Davis. His interests are primarily in biological diversity and the processes that generate it. His research is in insect systematics and evolution with a focus on ants.

Nothomyrmecia macrops – Photo by Alex Wild

Some amazing macro photographs are available in his gallery. Really worth a visit.

3 Responses to “Photo Inspiration: Macro Photography”

  1. Graham East says:

    A helpful site.
    can someone advise me please, which macro lens I should look to purchase to fit on my canon EOS 500, to photograph colembola, mites, onychiurinae, etc. (ie. to 3mm or so)

    Is there a digital camera out there yet that can achieve this?
    Thank you,
    My regards,
    Graham NZ.

  2. Frazer says:

    Great Site, But the picture has no cites, when was this picture published? The ant one (Nothomyrmecia macrops – Photo by Alex Wild)


  3. stephain says:

    hey u guys it not funny it is ugly how u did that

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