Photo Inspiration: Durham Township – Pennsylvania

Breathtaking photographs from Durham Township and nearby areas in the lovely Delaware and Lehigh River Valleys of Pennsylvania and New Jersey by Kathleen Connally


If you’re interested to know a little bit more about the photographer, there’s also an interesting interview with Kathleen Connally on The Daily Shooter.

What is on the horizon for you? What can we expect in the coming year from you?

I am re-designing my blog to make things clearer, easier and more understandable for my “audience” but also to make my “business” as a photographer cleaner and more organized. I am planning on taking my show “on the road” this summer and although the site will probably always be called “A Walk Through Durham…” I will be stretching my horizons to include other parts of Pennsylvania. I want to photograph the state in great detail over the next ten years. There are 67 counties to cover, so if I hit 7 a year, I might make it. I really want to be a documentarian of the state and make enough money to support that goal, that’s all.”

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>> Visit The Interview with Kathleen Connally @ TheDailyShooter

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