Cute Hamsters Photos by Eminilia

Eminilia’s hamsters have brighten up my day, sure they can brighten up yours.. 🙂

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9 Responses to “Cute Hamsters Photos by Eminilia”

  1. hot head says:

    OMG! sooooo cool!

  2. jennifer says:

    this is so cute

  3. Bless !
    I have a hamster called Mysti.
    Aint hamsters da best !

  4. alyssa says:

    hamsters are soooo cute i just took mine out and gave him a gobstopper and when u look at his cheek you can see the green color of the sweet treat!Well My hamsters name is Little Bear because he is only 4 months

  5. Dee says:

    my hamster is soooooooooo cute he’s a white/light brown syrin hamster and his name is casper. HE’S THE BEST PET EVER

  6. Hottie123 says:

    I LOVE all cute hamsters. Mine is only 4 months. He’s white and light brown. His name is Tarzan. Sounds cute, right?

  7. choe says:

    hello i also have a hamster and it looked like she was laughing at that pic it was funny my hamsters name is bella she is sooo cute and smart

  8. karen says:

    the picture of the hamster is tooooo adorable i wish my hamster would do that!!!!!!! My hamster’s name is brody, he is my little baby boy, a.k.a. mamma’s boy.

  9. morgan smith says:

    hi i have 3 hamsters and they are so funny
    i have ellie which is a siviein and she moves anything that is in her way,and i have harry which is a ruscian pigmy hamster and he climbs everything and he is soooo cute and i have syelvester that is a chinese dwauf hamster and he is soooooooooo lazy you sometimes have to check to see if he is alive or not but i have never seen a hamster like that.

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