Create Aging (Old Photo) Effect

How do we make an aging (old photo) effect to our photographs with Photoshop ?

Old Effect

1. Get your photo files ready,

Old Effect

and also the most important is the textures file which you can get by scanning a rumpled brown paper as below:

Old Effect

2. Duplicate your background, and change the new layer level (image>adjustment>level). In my case, i use 52, 1.44, 255

3. Give it sephia effect using the color balance tool (ctrl+b). I enter 64,-4,-73 for my sephia effect.

4. Adjust the level again (image>adjustment>level). Now I enter 34,0.89,255

5. Get your paper layer file on top your photo, and change the layer mode to ‘overlay’

6. Use the dodge and burn tool to make your photo really looks old.

8. Add some noise (filter>noise>add noise) to your photograph

7. Here’s the final result:

Old Effect

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  1. shifty says:

    nice tutorial! well made!!

  2. pennywise says:

    it is very nice.very helpfull.thanks.

  3. Anna Black says:

    Thank you for sharing – very helpful!

  4. Rahul says:

    this is quite cool. thanks. looks very much realistic.

  5. Michael says:

    Great tut! Thanks!

    I’ve wanted to learn doing such things for ages! For those (fellows like me :)) who still are not quite good at Photoshop – have a look here

    Old photo Effect 🙂
    Photos come up pretty cool! 🙂

  6. Rick says:

    Great tip !!! Thanks for your help…

  7. Nick says:

    Is there a similar tool as the link for tool given in comment above, that makes smog overlay on photos as in here.

  8. Lars says:

    Great tutorial – very helpful, thanks very much for that!

  9. avşa says:

    excellent work.very useful thanks

  10. ismail says:

    that was easy…nice thanks for sharing ….keep it up..

  11. theo says:

    indonesian picture

  12. Harry Gordon says:

    Great tutorial! You should also note that if you don’t have the time or equipment to start scanning paper for the texture you need, you can always use a free textures site like – although it’s primarily for game textures, it’s an invaluable tool to any designer!

  13. Wedding in Bali says:

    I will try it…thanks

  14. yusep pelano says:

    hi, this tutorial is very interesting, especially for beginners like me. may I publish this tutorial on my blog? I would be very grateful if you would allow it.thanks

  15. Bvhv says:

    everything is fine, the only problem is that unfortunately picture does not bend this way.

  16. chandra says:

    That’s cool. very cool, thanks for sharing.

  17. iAn says:

    Interesting…I’ve have some photos from Angkor and I would like to apply vintage effect on it before posting it on my blog. Thanks for this!

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