Compact Camera Questions & looking for Suggestions…

Has anything replaced or come close to the Fuji f30 in regards to shooting quality at night without flash and without substantial noise?

Im am looking for a compact that will give me the best quality for the following situations:
– photographing at night without flash
– ornate fixtures, lamps, etc that are lit at night without additional lighting
– neon signs
– fireworks (not so frequently)
– concerts
– at the beach

I know this is a tall order for a compact but would love some favorites and why… what are the best compacts these days for both day and night shooting?

Curious about the Panasonic Lumix DMC -LX3…

I have looked at Canon’s Powershot and it seems that the 790 might be better than the 990 because of noise… am I correct? Is there another Canon in the compact family that you would suggest?

I was very interested in the Sigma DP1 & DP2 because of their larger sensor until I realized it doesn’t have image stabalization and this got me a bit worried about blur.

How about the smaller Leica’s? Thank you

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Compact Camera Questions & looking for Suggestions…
Posted by TelaMoon on July 14, 2008 at 1:39am in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES

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