Choosing Your 1st Digital SLR

Here are some basic things you have to look at when purchasing your digital camera. Purchasing a digital camera maybe be a costly expense but the need to choose one that fits your shooting style and needs will count a lot.


Things to consider:

1. Price: What price range are you willing to spend? Are you planning to get a point and shoot or do you want a Digital SLR? For long term purposes, I would recommend getting a DSLR because it will cost you less. I would suggest that you buy a camera you can grow into rather then getting a camera than you will grow out of.

Spending on a cheap point and shoot now and upgrading it later to a better featured camera maybe costing you more in the long run considering you have to invest in accessories and other photographic gear.

2. Technology. There are so many arguments that you should get an up to date camera because it is too expensive. Well I would suggest get a camera with features that are up to date and that your money can afford. It does not make sense to buy a cheap model because it is out dated or discontinued. Generally parts for older cameras become more expensive because they have to be stocked because they are not current market models anymore and not everyone keeps stock of old parts.

3. Memory Cards. All cameras use Memory card but choose a camera that uses something that is easy to find and use. Some may use compact flash cards, smartmedia, sd/mmc cards, xd etc.. Some of the memory card prices have been going down because of volume of usage. It would be safe to go with cameras that use Compact Flash and SD cards. 4. Battery Life. All cameras come with rechargeable batteries. choose one that will fit your shooting style and something that can give you freedom to carry and extra set when needed.

5. Optical Glass. Not all lenses are created equal. do you need fast lenses? do you need lenses that can capture photos in low light situations? Prices of lenses depend on the quality you are buying and the specific uses you need them for. The better the quality of the glass the more expensive. Check and see what works for you.

6. Megapixel count. the higher the megapixel rating the better and finer the photo will be and the easier it would be to enlarge your photos without getting the jagged edges that happen to low resolution cameras.

7. Body and Styling. Make sure that you get a camera that fits well with you and is solid for your specific uses. Get something that is sturdy and easy to use.

Follow your instincts and trust your own sense of style and judgement to find that camera that best suits you and your style of shooting. Always remember that the Camera is just a tool to capture your creative style of shooting.

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Anton Sheker is a photographer based in Philippines. For more home and garden articles visit his site online at Anton Sheker is also founder and member of the World Photo Directory

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