Cheapest Digital Cameras

If you can’t afford a diamond encrusted digital camera valued at $20,000, has some alternative of digital cameras with price starting from $13.78 to keep your memories last forever.

Keychain Digital Camera


VuPoint Solutions delivers advanced, innovative and reliable product solutions. It has over fifty years of experience in consumer electronics. its products are researched, designed and developed to exacting quality standards.PRODUCT FEATURES:100K Pixels CMOS Sensor;16 MB Built-in SDRAM Memory;3 in 1 function camera (Still Images, Video, PC Camera);Keychain Digital Camera.

Product Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches

Price: $13.78

Mini 100K USB Keychain Digital PC Web/Video Camera


Capture amazing photos and add live video to your instant messages! This CD10B4 3-in-1 digital camera not only allows you to take still photos, but also functions as a PC-Web camera and a video camera. It features a 100K CMOS sensor, 16 megabytes internal memory and captures 352 x 288 or 176 x 144 pixel image resolutions! The WebCam feature makes it easy and fun to make video communication over the Web and the USB connection provides hassle-free downloading of images and video to your computer. Only 1.5-inch tall, this camera fits neatly in your shirt pocket and is compact to take anywhere!

– 100K pixel CMOS Sensor / 16 MB internal memory
– 352 x 288 pixels image resolution(CIF) / 176 x 144 pixels image resolution (QCIF)
– Built-in viewfinder / LCD display / USB interface / Auto shoot: 10s
– 1/6 – 1/15000 shutter speeds / 30 second automatic energy saving
– Automatic exposure / Automatic White Balance

Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.5 x 2.0 inches

Price: $16.50

Mini Digital KeyChain Camera


Thanks to our own name keychain digital camera, your memories are just a quick little snap away. Smaller than a credit card, this incredible innovation lets you take photographs quickly and easily! Fast and easy to download, it can even be used as a web cam. Features include: Takes up to 80 photos, 10 seconds Self timer, Captures digital video when connected to PC, Can be used as a web cam, 100 pixels, 16MB memory, Automatic exposure, Automatic White alance, Optical viewfinder (pop-up), Integrated keychain, Arcsoft Digital Imaging software, USB cable, AAA battery, Protective carry case and Keychain attachment

– Smallest Digital Camera in the World.
– The Mini Digital KeyChain Camera lives on the end of a key-ring chain and is smaller than a matchbox!
– You can choose from Lo resolution which is ideal for internet pages and allows 80 images to be stored in the camera or Hi resolution for 20 photo quality images.
– Once transferred to your PC, you can either print on your own colour printer or have images professionally printed for a small fee.

Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches ; 8.0 ounces

Price: $23.50

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