CD/DVD Archival FAQs

PPmag has a bonus article by Tom Peterson, Product Line Manager for Rimage Corporation, which will answer most digital photographers questions about using CDs and DVDs as archival media such as What causes data loss in CDs and DVDs? How do you avoid that? How do I find archival quality CDs/DVDs?


Here are some of his tips for how to properly store and handle a CD or DVD for maximum life:

– Avoid temperature and humidity extremes and large variations.
– Store away from light sources.
– Store in a jewel case, which will hold the disc vertically (Did you know that the little clip in the middle of the jewel case actually holds the disc away from both sides of the case so the recording surface only contacts air?)
– Avoid flexing, bending or scratching, and bringing the disc in contact with dirt, dust and chemicals.
– Never write on the top of a disc with a pencil or ballpoint pen.

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