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April’08 Photo Assignment: Nature Macros

Here’s the April’08 Photo Assignment at;

Now that was an interesting Easter: we had snow here in Holland! Anyway, I’m starting to get into a Spring mood so it’s time for nature. We’ll stick with close-ups though, the assignment is to shoot nature macros. I’m hoping to see lots of delicate Spring photos from peeps in the Northern hemisphere and lots of autumn shots from our antipodean members in the Southern hemisphere.


Photo Project 2 – Advertisement Photography

Today I put the second (actually this is the first REAL project) so you have time to study it. Entries accepted from 14 feb.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And in the ecommerce world, an image can determine whether a customer makes the purchase, or not. Keep this in mind…

Specification of the Project

Scope: High Definition tv manufacturers wants to advertised there latest tv model to the printed publication (newspapers, magazines etc).
Subject(s): show the crystal clear and colorful picture of their new tv model.

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