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Nature Photography Tips Slideshow

The Nature Conservancy just launched a new bimonthly audio slide show from their award winning director of photography – Mark Godfrey. Mark walks you through some of our most captivating nature photography images and explains the story behind the shot.

Nature Photography Tips

View the first installment of the slide show by clicking on the image above and learn more about the craft and technique that go into great nature photography.

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Studio Lighting Video Tutorial

Awesome series of studio lighting tutorial by Ken Henderson APAGB. Recorded in the UK on 9th March 2007. Uploaded by David with permission of Ken Henderson.

If you download the file, you’ll need the FLV Player to play the video.

Studio Lighting Video Tutorial Part 1 – Download Video

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Video Tutorial: Basic Flash Technique

A video tutorial showing the principles of flash photography

Podcast: The Reckoning

Every aspiring photographer dreams of capturing an iconic image. It’s the same kind of motivation that draws young skiers to intimidating lines in foreboding ranges and pulls ambitious climbers to Yosemite. We imagine these moments a thousand times in advance, but when we finally arrive, we are often surprised and humbled. Epiphanies require stumbling.

Click on the image above to view “The Reckoning” in quicktime

In 2005, photographer, writer and avid cyclist Blake Gordon set out to take the trip of a lifetime. With camera in hand, he joined brothers Mike and John Logsdon as part of their Spinning Southward Team. The Logsdon brothers were in the midst of pedaling 15,000 miles and raising money for the National Brain Tumor Foundation. Blake would join them to ride the final leg through Patagonia.

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The No Rules Rule of Photography

Heidi Hlubina talks about breaking the rules of photography

Basic Flash Photography Tricks

Photo Chick, a YouTube project by the New York Institute of Photograph, shows you some basic flash photography tricks.

Photograph America by Grant Collier

Professional photographer Grant Collier provides some tips and instruction on nature photography similar to the advice he gives at his photography workshops.

Choosing the Best Digital Camera

Chris Pirillo talks about choosing the best digital camera that suits your need.

Travel Photography Tips

Ten top tips for travel photographer from What digital camera magazine.

Take Great Party Photos

This video tutorial by NYIP will show you how to take great party photos and avoid blown out images caused by your camera flash.

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