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Selling Photos Online

Revenue in February’14: US$ 6,006.22
Total Photos in portfolio: +/- 8000 photos
Total Revenue from Microstock in 2014: US$ 12,141.27

It’s now easier than ever to earn extra money from your images by selling them online via micro stock photography sites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and many more (please keep reading to find out how much I earn from each stock photography site)..

Make money online by selling your digital photos
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It goes without saying that to be successful your shots need to be ‘good stock photographs’ and available in high resolution format. But presuming that all this is in order, how do you maximize sale ability?

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Working with Models

Mark Wallace sharing some tips on how you can communicate with your models effectively

Fotolia Partners with deviantART for Microstock Offering

October 13, 2010 – Los Angeles – Fotolia LLC and deviantART, Inc. announced today their plans to blend the international microstock business of with deviantART’s worldwide social network of artists by launching the “deviantART Stock Project with Fotolia.” This new offering is part of deviantART’s plans to establish an integrated commercial stock offering within its network and serves Fotolia’s goal of expanding its footprint in the U.S..

DeviantART is currently home to 15 million members around the world and represents the largest online aggregation of microstock users. The Stock Project marks the first time a microstock provider is tapping the power of community for greater distribution and participation.

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iSyndica – a Comprehensive Software for Stock Photography

For those new to stock photography, or even the experienced, selling your photography on stock agencies may be a daunting exercise: several sites to choose from: Shutterstock, Fotolia, Veer and iStockphoto to name the largest, files that take hours to upload, and keeping track of your sales is just a recipe for headaches.

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Model Release Application for iPhone

Forget carrying around your model & property release papers to your shooting locations, thanks to ApplicationGap which just announced Easy Release.

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Easy Release is an application for your iPhone which replaces inconvenient paper release forms with a slick, streamlined application. The software lets you collect l the data and signatures you need right on your iPhone, then mails a PDF and JPEG of the release right to you.

You can buy the software for $9.99 from iTunes

Get $500 for 500 pictures on Pixmac

pixmac logoPixmac is starting a unique promotion – offering all contributors an opportunity to get money for their pictures even before they´re sold. From 1st February 2009, all contributors who upload their pictures on Pixmac will get a 500 USD sales guarantee for 2 years for every 500 approved pictures. If you want to get the cash immediately, you can choose the option to get 100 USD for every 500 approved pictures – before having had any sales. Portfolios preferred include high quality pictures with people or isolated objects on a white background. This unique opportunity lasts until 28th February 2009.

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Instructing Your Models Tips

In this episode, Stock Photographer – Yuri Arcurs – shares some great tips on how to get that natural, genuine smile and full laughing smile – and the importance of freezing between the shots to get crisp, sharp images.

Shooting with White Background for Stock Photography

To be serious about stock photography I need white background photos (food shots, everyday objects and things like that). I have a soft box that came with a couple of tungsten lamps. The softbox is 16″ square, open in the front, white sides, and I velcro the background sheet to the inside. I set this up for the first time last night with the lamps aimed through the fabric on either side, and took some test shots. They’re terrible. The background is not white, but pink and shadowy, it looks like an interrogation room, I think the box may be too small to photograph an object as large as Indian corn (one of the things I shot), in short I need advice. If I need more lights how do I “blow out” the background in the box when the box is so small? Should I just forget the box and set up a background drape by itself and fix lights around it? There’s no need to load the test shots here, they look like I shot them with a polaroid camera on a grimy pillowcase in prison.

The tungsten lamps will need to be ditched – they smoke and smell after mere minutes and one doesn’t want to stay on. Cheap.

I need photos with that happy, clean, generic Steven Spielberg white in the background so all you see is that clean, evenly bright white behind the photo subject.

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Shooting with White Background for Stock Photography
Posted by LorettaW on November 6, 2008 at 1:19am in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES

Corbis Launches SnapVillage

SnapVillage, empowered by Corbis, today announced the beta opening of a fresh, interactive and innovative online marketplace for user-generated photography at The new website has no membership fees and is now accepting submissions from photographers anywhere in the world and offering image licensing in the United States.


Built from the ground-up after an extensive review and analysis of existing microstock sites and the rapidly evolving Web 2.0 and user-generated environments, the beta opening of SnapVillage introduces innovative advances in the submission, pricing, searching and purchasing of royalty-free (RF) photography that can be bought once and used almost anywhere for any duration.

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Fotolia Presents V2

NEW YORK, NY – June 18, 2007 – Fotolia (, the first global online marketplace for micro-priced digital stock images, announced today the launch of Fotolia V2. This new version offers users both performance and feature enhancement, as well as two new features: a public API and the ability to distribute vector files.


“Our improvements have been designed around a combination of user feedback and the team’s vision for Fotolia’s continued expansion,” explains Oleg Tscheltzoff, co-founder and president of Fotolia. “We’ve implemented changes to the site based on feedback from some of the country’s top media buyers and from our community of photographers to ensure the best user experience across the board.”

Performance: Speed, Stability and Search enhancement

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