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Konica Minolta Free Repair Service

Konica Minolta have recently discovered that some of its digital cameras may show the following symptom after not being used for a long time. When you take the initial photo, “Err” is displayed in the finder and the image turns black or dark blue. In most cases, “Err” can be cancelled by turning the main switch again and then photos can be taken normally.

Konica Minolta Dynax 5D

The following products may be affected:


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Ten Stabilised Digital Cameras Comparison

BeHardware have recently done a survey comparing 10 Stabilised Digital Cameras including Canon Ixus 800-IS, Casio Exilim S600, FujiFilm FinePix F11, Konica Minolta Dimage X1, Nikon Coolpix P4, Olympus Mju 720 SW, Pentax Optio W10, Panasonic DMCFX01, Ricoh Caplio R3, and Sony DSC-T9. In the conclusion they write;


“We were looking for a compact, thin, fast, camera with image stabilization. Out of the 10 tested, one clearly finishes ahead, the Canon Ixus 800-IS. It doesn’t have major disadvantages, it’s good for macro, video and has a 4x zoom instead of the 3x of most of its competitors.”

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War of the Low-buck DSLRs

Popular Photo Magazine has done some tests comparing the low-buck DSLRs including Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Konica Minolta Maxxum Digital 5D, Nikon D50, Olympus Evolt E-500, and Pentax *ist DS2. Here are the results;

Photo source:

If you’re looking for a camera with superb image quality, Canon EOS Rebel XT should be your first choice. Followed by Olympus Evolt E-500, Nikon D50, Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D and Pentax *ist DS2.

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Cheap Digital Cameras Watch

Latest Discounted Digital Cameras

Cheap Digital Cameras Watch is a place to find the latest discounted digital cameras available on the internet. Everytime we find new offers we will list them here. Come back often as this page is updated as soon as we find a new offer.


Last Update: 02.03.06

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Konica Minolta DiMage Z6 – Review @ has recently reviewed the Konica Minolta DiMage Z6, a six megapixel (CCD) digital camera with 12x optical zoom lens and a 2″ LCD screen.


“There are many digital cameras with long zoom lenses to choose between. In my opinion the Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 struggles to keep up with the competition. I was disappointed with the colours the camera produced and I also have concerns about the shutter lag. Therefore I would suggest looking elsewhere if this type of digital camera appeals to you.”

>> Konica Minolta DiMage Z6 Review Roundup

Firmware Update v1.10 for Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1

Konica Minolta has released a new firmaware update for Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1. The v1.10 update will Shortened shutter-release time lag (time period from when the shutter-release button is pressed down fully to when exposure begins) and shortened operation time lag (time period from zooming lever is operated to when operation of any other function button is accepted).


Download Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 Firmware Update v1.10 for PC & MAC

Installation guide for DiMAGE X1 firmware is available in English, Česky, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Russkij, and Svenska.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D – Review @ Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource recently posted their review on Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D, the 6,1 megapixels camera with interchangeable lens mount, and advanced Konica Minolta Body-Based Anti Shake Technology. In conclusion they wrote:

Konica Minolta Dynax 5D

“The Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D’s images contain a lot of detail, but the default in-camera sharpening settings leave the finest detail a little soft-looking, and there’s just a hint of a “halo” along strongly contrasting edges. The resulting images take unsharp masking in Photoshop or other image-processing program well, but you’ll want to dial down the in-camera sharpening to get the best results with post-exposure unsharp masking. At low ISOs, the Maxxum 5D’s noise suppression system seems to do a pretty good job of preserving detail in areas of subtle contrast, although you can still see some sign of its operation.

The Maxxum 5D handles very well, looks good, and feels solid. Images at up to ISO 800 are very usable even at 8×10 inch print sizes, which is a good benchmark. It offers a useful focal length range in the kit lens, with very high optical quality, but its big attraction is its in-camera image stabilization, extending low light shooting to nearly any lens you can mount on it. Considering that this system effectively turns all your lenses into anti-shake models, the higher cost of the 5D’s body relative to competing models seems very well justified. Negative points were relatively minor (depending, of course, on the type of shooting you’re looking to do) – A slight tendency to underexpose, particularly when confronted with scenes having strong highlights, an occasionally hesitant AF system, and a tendency to lose subtle subject detail at high ISOs. All in all, the Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D is a very solid choice for anyone looking at the current field of digital SLRs…”

Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 – Review @ CNET

Theano Nikitas reviewed the Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 at CNET and gave it 6.7 out of 10 (good). He wrote:

“The good: 12X zoom lens; Anti-Shake image stabilization; broad feature set; extremely close macro focus; flexible continuous-shooting modes; compact SLR-style body.

The bad: Subpar EVF; less-than-stellar photo quality; movie mode downgraded to 320×240 resolution.

The bottom line: Compact and affordable, the image-stabilized megazoom Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 delivers a solid feature set. Finicky photographers may take issue with its image quality, though.”

Konica Minolta AF 35 mm F1.4G (D) lens Press Release

Konica Minolta AF 35mm f/1.4G (D) will be available in the spring of 2006

Mahwah, NJ (August 19, 2005) – Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.S.A., Inc., announces the development of the Konica Minolta AF 35mm f/1.4G (D)* interchangeable lens for Maxxum digital and 35mm Single Lens-Reflex (SLR) cameras. The lens is planned for release in the spring of 2006.

“With the development of this new lens Konica Minolta not only expands it’s offering of lenses designed for the digital Maxxum series of cameras, but this lens also allows us to enhance our lineup of lenses available for Maxxum film cameras,” said Paul Zakrzewski, Director of Product Management for Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.S.A., Inc.

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