Casio Exilim EX-Z600 – Review Roundup & Sample Photos

Last updated: Review by CNET (22.08.06)

Casio has today announced the new Casio Exilim EX-Z600, a 6.0 Megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera with 3x optical zoom plus the Anti Shake DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a huge 2.7″ TFT LCD Screen.


Casio Exilim EX-Z600 Latest Price & User Opinions

>> REVIEWS (last update: 22.08.06)

CNET reviewed the Casio EX-Z600. They rated the camera 6.8/10 and wrote;
“While we applaud Casio’s attention to trying to eliminate blurry photos with its various special modes, boosting the ISO often delivers such high noise levels that the pictures are almost useless for anything but small snapshots. Red-eye reduction is a mixed bag, although we were told that one subject’s light blue eyes always produced red-eye regardless of the camera used”

Think Camera recently reviewed the Casio EX-Z600. They rated the camera 9/10 and wrote;
“I was very impressed by the images that the Z600 took. They have vibrant colours and excellent punch and sharpness. Some users may find them just a little too saturated but like many other things this can be tweaked in the menu to your liking.With some 6MP cameras I have been hesitant to print over A4 because they seem to “smear” the out of focus areas. With the Z600 I have no such reservations. With the right image I’d be happy to push the camera to A3.One particular area that I liked was low light performance. This is a very hot area at the moment with manufacturers releasing camera with higher and higher ISO plus anti shake in an attempt to allow users to take pictures in darker than ever conditions. The Z600 only allows a maximum ISO of 400 but if you select “Anti shake” or “High sensitivity” mode then this increases to 800.”

PhotographyReview reviewed the Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“The EX-Z600’s image quality is okay – about what you’d expect from a point-and-shoot digital camera. The manual ISO range is limited from 50-400. Under the BS key you can boost the ISO to 800 with the “High Sensitivity” mode. When set to auto-ISO the camera does a good job choosing an appropriate sensitivity between ISO 50 and 800. Of course, at higher ISO’s the quality of the images is greatly affected by obvious noise. “

DigitalCameraReview reviewed the Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“The Z600 has good image quality. Images had plenty of detail and color was good, when the white balance was set correctly. You’ll notice the images below of the flowers. With a soft flash, colors were much more accurate (on the left). In the right image, the mixture of overhead halogen lamps and some natural indirect light from outside challenged the camera’s automatic white balance a little too much.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“Image quality was a mixed bag. Outdoors it produced pleasing photos that were sharp and well exposed. Colors are nicely saturated, and noise levels were low as long as the camera is using an ISO speed of 100 or lower. However our indoor ambient light shots of the M&M man were troubling. Its Anti-Shake technology helps reduce the effects of camera shake and subject blurring by boosting the ISO sensitivity. Unfortunately, in lower lighting, the ISO is boosted so high that image noise becomes very noticeable.” reviewed the Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“The Casio Exilim EX-Z600 produces a 2MP image optimized for the online auction site, and has the ability to switch automatically to Macro mode and back. What’s Hot: Flash Continuous Mode, Live preview of White Balance, Exposure, Compensation, Filter effects, Battery rated at 550 photos What’s Not: Visible barrel distortion at 38mm can affect macro image quality, No zoom in video mode, No manual control of shutter or aperture”

PopPhoto reviewed the Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“The Casio Exilim EX-Z600 produces a 2MP image optimized for the online auction site, and has the ability to switch automatically to Macro mode and back. What’s Hot: Flash Continuous Mode, Live preview of White Balance, Exposure, Compensation, Filter effects, Battery rated at 550 photos What’s Not: Visible barrel distortion at 38mm can affect macro image quality, No zoom in video mode, No manual control of shutter or aperture”

DigitalCameraInfo has posted a preview on Casio EX-Z600 and wrote;
“The Casio EX-Z600 puts forth some impressive features that separate it from the fairly clogged 6 MP digital camera market. Its impressively large 2.7-inch LCD is bright, even if equipped with less than stellar resolution. The menu structure is intuitive and has live views for manual modes throughout. The areas where Casio really stands out in comparison to other digital cameras in its price range involve specific image alteration features, like motion print, movie editing, still image editing with rotation, resize, trim, and copy while still in-camera, and the 33 preset modes which could come in handy for many users who ride the fence between auto and manual control settings. The only major detractor for this camera is the placement of ports on the accessory dock. Moving these ports to a dock allows ever smaller camera sizes but necessitates knowing where the printer dock is at all times, unless users have an SD card reader.”

Casio Exilim EX-Z600 Latest Price & User Opinions

>> SAMPLE PICTURES (last updated: 09.08.06)

Casio Exilim EX-Z600 Sample Pictures posted @ ThinkCamera
Casio Exilim EX-Z600 Sample Pictures posted @ Steve’sDigicams


Stylish New EXILIM ZOOM Features Big 2.7 inch Super Bright LCD
Dramatically Improved Display Nearly 3x Brighter, Easier To See Outdoors


JANUARY 23, 2006, LONDON, UK–CASIO ELECTRONICS CO LTD., in conjunction with its parent company CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. announced the release of the latest addition to its EXILIM ZOOM digital camera series with the EX-Z600.

The latest evolution in this popular series offers 6.0 megapixel high resolution photos in a stylish, compact, and pocket-sized package. The extra large 2.7 inch Super Bright LCD is approximately three times brighter than the previous EX-Z500 model, producing an impressive luminance of 1200 candelas per square metre.

This significant advancement makes the LCD easier to see, especially when viewed in the sunny outdoors. In auto mode, the LCD automatically adjusts to the brightness of the surrounding environment. The EX-Z600’s SUPER LIFE Battery now has an even longer battery life, supporting a staggering 550 shots per charge*.

The EXILIM line is a culmination of CASIO’s core technologies of miniaturization and digital technology resulting in a smaller, higher resolution camera – the established trend leader in stylish, quick responding, large LCD, and long battery life digital cameras.

The EX-Z600 includes the latest version of the EXILIM Engine, featuring the Anti Shake DSP, which along with the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter functions, considerably reduces the incidence of blurred photos due to moving subjects or shaking hands.

New to the EX-Z600 is the Rapid Flash function, which enables three consecutive high speed flash photos in only one second, allowing you to completely capture the moment without losing precious seconds between shots. The EX-Z600 includes Revive Shot, used to take still images from old album photos for long term preservation and enjoyment. Revive Shot digitally revives faded colours and automatically adjusts for obliquity, even when photos are shot while still in the album.

The EX-Z600 is equipped with a BESTSHOT Button, allowing convenient one-touch access to this popular feature that offers 32 different scene selections, including Anti Shake and Revive Shot, for hassle-free photos every time.The EX-Z600 embodies CASIO’s continuing commitment to offer digital camera users cutting-edge technology and convenient user-friendly functionality in a small, stylishly designed package. Providing the freedom to take high quality pictures and movies anywhere, anytime, the new EX-Z600 makes taking memories as easy and fun as making them.

The CASIO EXILIM EX-Z600 will be available in the UK and Eire from March 2006 in silver, black and blue from all good digital camera retailers.
*according to CIPA standards


Highly Efficient, Advanced Performance

– 6.0 megapixel high resolution CCD and retracting 3x optical zoom
– Extra Large 2.7 inch TFT LCD display now approximately 3x brighter (approximately 1200cd/m2)*1
– SUPER LIFE Battery allows up to approximately 550 still images per charge on CIPA standards*2
– High quality images, high speed, and long lasting battery in a miniaturized package with EXILIM Engine image processing module
– The Anti Shake DSP (Digital Signal Processor) reduces blurring caused by shaking hands or moving subjects

Numerous Easy to Use Functions

– “Rapid Flash” enables three consecutive flash photos in one second
– The “Soft Flash” function reduces flash brightness when taking flash photos
– “Revive Shot” refreshes faded colours of old album photos, bringing them backto life in digital format
– The “9-Point Multi AF” clearly indicates areas in auto focus when photographing subjects with multiple focus points
– The “Quick Shutter” function reduces mistakes by enabling simple and easy high-speed focusing
– The “Auto Macro” mode allows for automatic switching between macro mode and autofocus mode
– The “Flash Assist” mode compensates for poorly illuminated areas of the shot
– The 32 scene “BESTSHOT” function enables selection of the appropriate camera setting for still photos via an easy to understand sample image menu
– The “Angle Correction” function corrects oblique shots to look as if they were taken from the front during image viewing
– “Colour Restoration” enables digital enhancement of faded colours in old photos during image viewing
– The USB cradle functions as a charger as well as a simple way toconnect the camera to personal computers and other AV equipment

Enhanced Quick Responsiveness

– Once powered on, the camera is ready to take pictures in approximately 0.9 seconds*3
– After the shutter release is released, pictures are captured almost instantly, with only an approximately 0.005 second*4 release time lag
– High-speed image viewing at approximately 0.1 seconds intervals
– The “Direct On” buttons allow quick startup of both shooting and viewing modes
– A one-touch “BESTSHOT” button allows selection of the appropriate mode for any shot

Movie Functions

– Movies recorded in VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at 30 frames per second (Motion JPEG)
– Using the “Motion Print” function, movies can be converted into a series of nine or one single image for printing
– Movies can be zoomed in during playback
– The “Movie Editing” function offers three options (beginning, middle, end) for cutting unwanted scenes from a movie

*1 At maximum brightness, measured at the centre of the display,compared to EX-Z500
*2 Auto Mode, standard brightness setting
*3 using internal memory, with internal flash turned off
*4 with internal flash turned off

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