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Casio Exilim EX-Z85 is a 9.1 Megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera features 3 x optical zoom, ISO 64-1600, YouTube capture, face recognition, and a 2.6-inch TFT color LCD 114,960 dots (479 x 240). The camera measures 3.5″(W) x 2.0″(H) x 0.7″(D) and weighs 3.5 oz

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Casio Exilim EX-Z85 Reviews

TrustedReviews reviews the Casio Exilim EX-Z85 and writes;
“t is incredibly compact, solidly made, very easy to use and has excellent all-round performance. Focusing is quick and accurate, but the lack of an AF lamp limits its usefulness in some situations. Unfortunately it is let down by inferior image quality, especially poor lens performance and image noise problems. “
Rating: ★★★★☆ reviews the Casio Exilim EX-Z85 and writes;
“The Exilim EX-Z85 surprised me with the quality of the photos it took, especially outdoors. If you are looking for a very small, lightweight digital camera that takes a decent snapshot, then it is worth checking this camera out.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Casio Exilim EX-Z85 Samples

Casio EX-Z85 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
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Casio EX-Z85 Sample Photos @ Fujifilm
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Casio Exilim EX-Z85 User Manual (PDF)

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Casio Exilim EX-Z85 Press Release

DOVER, NJ, AUGUST 20, 2008 – Casio America, Inc., in conjunction with it’s parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the release of three new high-profile additions to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. The 10.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z300 and the 9.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z250 both deliver beautiful high resolution images and outstanding functionality made possible by a new Casio imaging engine for high speed image processing. The 9.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z85 camera features a stylish design and is packed with the kind of innovative features users have come to expect from Casio.

EXILIM Zoom EX-Z85 — 9.1 effective megapixel camera with stylish design

The EX-Z85 comes with a Face Recognition function that can detect the presence of up to 10 people’s faces and then give priority to the faces of pre-registered people for correct focus and exposure, and an Auto Shutter function, which automatically takes a photo the instant camera shake ceases, as well as a Movie button that lets users easily record widescreen movies. The design of the focus frame and the color of the menu screen can be customized in accordance with each user’s wishes. The EX-Z85 delivers high performance with a compact, stylish look.

“We are proud to welcome three new additions to the EXILIM family of sleek and attractive digital cameras,” said Bill Heuer, Vice President of Casio’s Digital Imaging Division. “The new EXILIM engine for high speed image processing takes these point-and-shoot digital cameras to a new level of functionality.”

iTunes-compatible H.264 video:
Both cameras use the H.264 video standard, which utilizes the AAC audio codec widely used in Apple’s iPod and other mobile devices.

Large, high definition 230,000 pixel 3.0 inch LCD monitor:
These cameras use a large, clear 3.0 inch LCD monitor. The high contrast screen produces sharp, bright images that can be viewed easily from any angle, and the monitor’s high brightness means that it can be easily viewed even when the surrounding light is bright.
EXILIM Zoom EX-Z85 — Stylish 9.1 effective megapixel digital camera

Compact 9.1 effective megapixel camera with 3X optical zoom
This high performing model with 9.1 million effective pixels takes high definition photographs. It features a stylish design contained within a compact size. Body measurements for the EX-Z85 are 3.53” wide by 2.04” high by .75” thick.

EX-Z85 features focus frames and menu screens that can be customized according to users’ preferences

Focus frames:
In addition to the usual rectangular focus frame that is indicated on the LCD monitor, users can choose from frame designs featuring a heart shape or a butterfly, for example. When the scene is properly focused, a clear heart shape is displayed, and when the scene is out of focus the heart shape breaks up. This makes it easy to see when the picture is in focus, and users will enjoy it, too.

Menu screens:
Users can choose their preferred option from six different colors (black, chocolate, cinnamon, rose, sky blue and olive) as the color for the menu screens.

Auto Shutter function on the EX-Z85 shoots automatically when the subject smiles or when there is no blur
Using blur detection technology, the EX-Z85 can automatically take a photo the instant that hand shake or subject movement stops, even without the need to push the shutter button. This reduces photo blur caused by the movement involved in pressing the shutter. The camera will also automatically release the shutter at the moment of a smile or the moment subject blur ceases in a panning shot. A shot can also be taken the moment the user’s face fills the frame when taking a self-portrait.

EX-Z85 records video in iTunes-compatible H.264 video standard
The camera uses the H.264 video standard, which utilizes the AAC audio codec widely enjoyed in Apple’s iPod and other mobile devices. It also enables recording of movies in an attractive wide-screen format. The camera also features a Movie Button that makes movie recording a snap.

EX-Z85 features automatic face recognition or face detection functions
The Face Recognition function in the EX-Z85 allows users to detect the presence of up to 10 people’s faces, and then, prior to shooting, the camera automatically recognizes the pre-registered face or faces that should be most clearly photographed, and gives those faces priority for correct focus and exposure.

Easy Mode makes it simple for beginners to operate the EX-Z85
The settings menu in the easy mode has been pared down to just three items — flash, self timer and image size — making it easy for even beginners to understand and use.

EX-Z85 features a 2.6 inch widescreen LCD
This camera comes with a highly visible 2.6 inch widescreen display. Information on camera settings is displayed in the “Control Panel” on the right hand edge of the screen, so settings can be changed quickly and easily.

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