Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2

Carl Zeiss has released the Distagon T* 2/25 lens for Canon (ZE) and Nikon (ZF.2) versions. This lens has construction of 11 lens elements in 10 groups to minimize stray light and reflections in the lens with a maximum aperture of f/2 including a diagonal angle-of-view of 81 degrees that allow users to capture exciting perspectives and a filter thread size of 67mm. With its excellent imaging quality at all aperture settings, the Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2 is perfect for interiors, architecture and landscape photography. The lens has measures about length 95 mm (ZF.2), 98 mm (ZE) and diameter 71 mm (ZF.2), 73 mm (ZE) with weight 570 g (ZF.2), 600 g (ZE). It will be available with retail price of €1217 (excluding VAT)* end of 2011. For more information go to Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2 site.


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* Focal length: 25 mm

* Aperture range: f/2 to f/22

* Number of lens elements/groups: 11/10

* Focusing range: 0.25 m – infinity

* Angular field**
(diag./horiz./vert.): 81° / 71° / 51°

* Coverage at close range**: 219 × 144 mm (close-up)

* Image ratio at close range: 1 : 5.9 (close-up)

* Filter thread: M67 × 0,75

* Length with caps: 95 mm (ZF.2), 98 mm (ZE)

* Diameter: 71 mm (ZF.2), 73 mm (ZE)

* Weight: 570 g (ZF.2), 600 g (ZE)

* Mounts ZF.2 (F bayonet), ZE (EF bayonet)

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