Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case

Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case features; Depth Rating 130′ (40 m); Buoyancy Positive; Port Fixed, flat; and Internal Flash Usable. The Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case measures 5.10 x 3.48 x 2.69″ (129.5 x 88.5 x 68.4mm) and weighs 10.6 oz (300 g) (without camera).


Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

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Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case User Reviews

the best
” this is so cool, it works perfect going as deep as 140 feet. All the functions on the camera work inside the case, you can watch your underwater video underwater. The best surprise for me is tht sound is recorded underwater. I sing underwater and record it. The SD 750 has a good recorder that can record at cd quality. “ – By Richard Houghten
Rating: ★★★★★

Great underwater case!
” I purchased this case for a trip to Negril Jamaica and it was well worth the money! This case was easy to use and allowed my wife and I to get unbelievable underwater pics while snorkeling on the reefs of Negril. All the other people on our boat were using cheap disposable underwater cameras while we were looking at our pics on the boat going back to the resort. Fun to use in the pools as well. “ – By Boat bum
Rating: ★★★★★

must have if you take pictures in the water
” I used this along with my SD750. Quite cool to see other people’s reaction when I tossed it in the pool before I jumped in. Have great shots in the pool. Very easy to use and keeps the camera dry. Can’t wait to actually use this during dnorkling or diving. “ – By Tony Chiu
Rating: ★★★★★

” this product is well worth the money. we bought it to use for the camera for snorkling and scuba diving for our trip to mexico instead of buying the disposable cameras. it worked great. never leaked and kept the camera safe. i would buy this for our other camera!” – By Stephanie
Rating: ★★★★★

Worth It
” I live in CO at a major ski resort. I take my camera with me every time I go out, whether it’s snowing or sunny skies. This case protects the camera well, and removes my worries about taking my camera into the elements. I can also use every function of my camera without removing my gloves, so my hands stay warm while filming. It’s definately worth the purchase, as it adds range and flexibility to the camera.” – By J. Max McCool
Rating: ★★★★★

Cool pictures!
” I took it SCUBA diving in 20 feet of water. No leaks. I took it in the pool. No leaks. Great photos. I could access every function on the camera. Canon includes a little tube of silicone grease to keep the o-ring lubricated. I re-lubricated the o-ring every morning on my trip. Photos were great.” – By Pod
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome case!
” I took this scuba diving on wrecks in North Carolina to depths of up to 119 feet; case never leaked. Without the weight it’s slightly positively buoyant, but not so much that it even pulls on the wrist strap. Very easy to use without the weight, and allows access to all camera functions.” – By Cynthia Haynes
Rating: ★★★★★

Exceeded expectations
” The pictures came out great and it was simple to use. The case worked like a charm, protecting the camera on our beach trips. It was easy to pop the camera in and out depending on the plans for the day and our 6 year old grandson was able to take some underwater photos too! It was just as easy to use as a fixed focal length underwater camera I used about 20 years ago and with much greater flexibility.” – By K. Brucker
Rating: ★★★★☆

Exceeded expectations
” The camera and case performed well with no leaks or problems, and I am very pleased. Before I used the camera for scuba diving, I took the time to familiarize myself with the camera and its controls. I closed the camera case carefully and avoided damage to the case before and during the dive. I’m very pleased with the camera and the WP case. I’d gotten results that were much better than a more expensive purchase I’d made a few years ago.” – By Edward J. Palumbo
Rating: ★★★★★

Don’t bother with water proof cameras, use this for your existing camera
” I spent a lot of time pouring over reviews on waterproof cameras and this case. I decided to go with the case. I just used it a couple of weeks ago on my cruise and was a nervous wreck the first time I went to use it. Turns out there’s nothing to worry about. This case did not leak at all and I was able to switch functions on the fly without any problems. I snorkeled about 3 hours straight without so much as a drop of water in the case. “ – By Joshua G. Walker
Rating: ★★★★★

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Features & Specifications

Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case Features & Specifications

With the Canon WP-DC14 waterproof case for the PowerShot Canon SD750, you can use your PowerShot SD750 Digital Camera to take underwater shots at depths of up to 130′ (40 m). Of course it’s also ideal for taking worry-free pictures in the rain, at the beach, or on the ski slopes.

You can use your camera’s internal flash for lighting purposes. Or, use the internal flash to trigger a slaved external strobe like those made by Fantasea, Sea & Sea, Ikelite or Sealife. The camera has an underwater white balance setting for available light photography.

Clear Polycarbonate Construction
Durable and resistant to corrosion. Clear view of the camera information and control functions

Camera Functions
Housing accesses all camera functions

Versatile Size
Small enough to use for other sporting activities like skiing or fishing

Priced less than some other options in housings

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