Canon Will Launch 70 Products on Feb, 21st 2006?

LAST UPDATE: 21.02.06

Canon Unveils Canon EOS 30D

OK, I know this will sound silly. But one of our readers told us that Canon will be introducing more than 70 products on February 21st.

Here’s the print screen of the website captured a while ago:

Click to enlarge

It reads “Para la presentacion oficial de + DE 70 Nuevos Productos”. Where it means “For the official presentation of + (more) than 70 new products.”

..and if you go to now, you will see something like this:


It seems that they have removed the “Para la presentacion oficial de + DE 70 Nuevos Productos” on that page.

and here’s another print-screen captured from their main website; as we’re writing this post now..


Well, Canon is not just about cameras, printers and lenses.They have other Customers Products such as binoculars, projectors, and calculators etc. Also, Don’t forget their Office Products (copiers, micrographics, etc) and Industrial Products (Eye Care Systems, Medical Imaging etc). However, we’re pretty sure that there will be few (or many) new cameras and lenses announced. So ..let’s all wait and see what’ll happen on the February 21st.

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