Canon Speedlite 220EX

Canon Speedlite 220EX Flash Coverage 135 28mm lens covered / IX240 24mm lens covered; Flash Range 2.3 ft./0.7m to 63 ft./22m (ISO 100); AF Assist Beam Built-in (linked to center focusing point, 2.3 ft./0.7m to 16.4 ft./5m). The Canon Speedlite 220EX measures 2-9/16(W) x 3-5/8 (H) x 2-7/16 (D) and weighs 5.6 oz. (160g) excluding batteries.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Canon Speedlite 220EX Expert Reviews

Kenrockwell reviews the Canon Speedlite 220EX and writes;
“The Canon 220EX is a great little flash. It just keeps pumping out great results, while the newer 270EX is either waiting to recycle, or getting me kicked out of a venue for its annoying nearly-full-power-flash AF assist system. The 220EX, with four instead of just two AA cells in the 270EX, packs enough power to get the job done.”
rating: N/A

Canondslrs reviews the Canon Speedlite 220EX and writes;
“The Canon Speedlite 220EX doesn’t really have the functionality of many of their other units, but if you are looking for a simple flash at a low end price then this could be the option for you. It does what it does with ease and incredibly well, producing excellent picture quality. So from this point of view it cannot be faulted.”
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Canon Speedlite 220EX User Reviews

Another great Canon product
“I already own a Canon Speedlite 420EX and love this flash unit, which I use with a Canon Digital Rebel, but needed a smaller unit for a Canon Powershot and the 220EX is the perfect companion for it. It’s light, accurate and as any Canon an attractive, excellent product. I recommend it without hesitations if what you need is extra clarity in your pictures and the flash that comes with the camera doesn’t do a good job. Give the 220EX a try. “ – By Sail Away
Rating: ★★★★★

Great for home/hobby use
“Unless you can convince yourself that you need the features of higher models (such as the 430EX), this is a great flash. It is very simple – turn it on, take the picture, turn it off. It seems to be a little less harsh than the popup flash on my Rebel XT. it also claims to be a little more powerful than the popup flash. Finally, I have lens hoods on a few of my lenses. Thus, the popup flash often creates a “shadow”. This flash takes care of that problem. “ – By Sail Away
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great Product!
“This is a great flash! I is defiantly worth what I payed for it. It fit perfectly on my Canon XTi and I really like it. Just remember you need 4 AA batteries for it that are not included. I would recommend this flash. “ – By Micah V. Olson
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent flash, easy to use, accurate
“I purchased this flash for my G9, but now use it with all my EOS SLR’s also. This week I used my expensive 580 for class pictures and ebay photography with dismal results. I switched the 2nd day to this little baby and the class pictures were perfect. I was amazed! Eliminated redeye with the G9 and perfect for many uses. “ – By E. Walters
Rating: ★★★★★

Goes great with the G
“I took lots of photos with the flash. All my photos came out great as long as the flash was seated properly. The only complaint/dislike I have is the mounting, I wish it mounted more stable. The lock switch is not enough to hold it in place, it mounts loosely and has came off my camera several times. Before each shot, I must make sure it is seated properly and fully or the flash will not work. -1 star for the mounting. “ – By Home Chef
Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon Speedlite 220EX
“Product was as advertised. Delivery on time and well packaged – OK. But I decided I needed a second and stronger flash and purchased the Canon 430EX locally. I now find that I tend to always use the Canon 430EX and seldom use the 220 EX. “ – By light recorder
Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon 220 EX
“I wanted an extended range flash for taking indoor group pictures and I didn’t want to spend more than I spent for my camera – a canon S5 IS… It does what I want it to do. very satisfied…” – By Al Petersam
Rating: ★★★★★

very good
“the speed light is a very good flash. but it was not as powerful as i needed. I used it with canon S5 IS. It is very much a keeper.The size, power and batt. use make it very useful. “ – By Jay Clark
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great Little Flash
“I purchased this flash to go on a Canon SX10 IS camera. The built in flash is just too slow and not very powerful at all. This flash is GREAT for me. It is small enough (eventhough I did order another camera bag) to go anywhere and it recycles fast enough to catch the expressions of my singers as they are singing. This is really important because one half a second after you see the expression, it is gone. Also, the flash is cheap enough to compete with the off-brands. I went with the little Canon and I am very happy. “ – By Jay Clark
Rating: ★★★★★

canon speedlite 220EX – a suitable accessory for my S5IS
“…Over all the external flash serves as a good substitute for the built-in flash of the S5IS. I have taken some beautiful pictures during a marriage ceremony in India a few days ago. I am satisfied with the performance of this flash for the purpose I needed it. “ – By masood
Rating: ★★★★☆


Canon Speedlite 220EX User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Canon Speedlite 220EX Features & Specifications

Designed for automatic operation only, the 220EX Flash Unit excels at providing natural-looking balanced flash exposures. When attached to the EOS IX, EOS Elan II/Elan IIe/IIe, or EOS Rebel G, the 220EX incorporates the superior technology of Canon’s unique E-TTL evaluative pre-stored flash exposure control system, FE Lock for a new dimension of creative control and FP Flash(High Speed Sync) for flash photography up to maximum shutter speed. When used with other EOS cameras, or the T90, it operates as a TTL autoflash (off-the-film flash metering).

When in E-TTL operation, flash exposure is measured and controlled by the camera in combination with Canon’s AIM system. Subject position, ambient light level, evaluative metering and pre-flash data are instantly analyzed, including heavy backlighting or reflections from background windows or mirrors.

* E-TTL preflash autoflash system.
* Simplified, lightweight, compact design.
* Hot-shoe lock with a single motion.
* Flash confirmation lamp (after firing).
* Save Energy (SE) feature.
* Powered by AA-size batteries.

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