Canon Selphy CP780

Canon Selphy CP780 is a a Compact Photo Printer features PictBridge, Rey-eye Correction, optional bluetooth, and the ability to preview, edit and add creativity to your images on a 2.5” LCD Screen. The Canon Selphy CP780 measures 6.9″ (W) x 3.0″ (H) x 5.2″ (D) and weighs 2.1 lbs.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Canon Selphy CP780 Reviews

ITReviews reviews the Canon Selphy CP780 and writes;
“The results were surprising for a fairly budget printer. We pushed the SELPHY CP780 very hard by forcing it to produce highly detailed, contrasty shots with vibrant and subtle colours. It was a little nerve racking watching the colours being laid down and we were dubious it would manage to do our shots justice. However, the end results were absolutely superb. You’d only be able to spot the grain if you looked at the prints very closely in natural light and the apparent resolution was very impressive. “
rating: N/A

PCMAG reviews the Canon Selphy CP780 and writes;
“As a point of reference, the PictureMate Dash is faster, at 42 seconds for printing from a computer, and 37 to 49 seconds when printing from other sources, but as a practical matter the difference isn’t all that important. The CP780 speeds are well within the typical range for small-format printers, and fast enough that you won’t feel that it’s keeping you waiting forever.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Computershopper reviews the Canon Selphy CP780 and writes;
“Image quality was generally good in our tests. Detail is excellent, and though the colors are for the most part accurate and the specular highlights quite good, our test images lacked true blacks.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

User Opinions

Canon Selphy CP780 User Reviews

Easy to Operate, | Rating: ★★★★★
“We had it on a table with an AC power source and printed the pictures as they were taken by putting the memory card (from a Canon P&S camera) in the printer. It performed flawlessly outside in mid 80s F temperatures operated by two people who had never seen the printer before. I provided a small sheet of written instructions and they did the rest. The picture color and brightness were correct every time with no computer program processing involved. It made a great day even better with a ton of memories safely preserved. “ – by John Megill

All round good little printer, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“I wanted a simple printer to use for printing out pics of my grandchild. I am so tired of replacing ink cartridges and I thought maybe the dye sublimation format would be easier to use. I was right! It is so simple to set up and use the Canon Selphy CP780. The software makes it very easy to create many cool effects. I use the multiple pic on one sheet and the calendar feature a lot. And it’s so small. You can put it anywhere, even in a (large) camera case. Really like it. “ – by R. A. Kindig

Fantastic quality but NO USB CABLE included, | Rating: ★★★★★
“The print quality is fantastic. Truly. Just as good as when you order prints through an online printhouse. Very easy to use. Print cost averages around 30 cents. Significantly lower than competitors and you aren’t sacrficing quality…” – by E. Gamble

Replace Polaroid camera for on the spot prints – bluetooth too, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“You can set this little printer on the table, take pictures with your digital camera, pop the SD card out of the camera and into the printer and get your pictures quickly without a computer. The 108 pack of paper and “ink” is around $40 retail, so 4X6 pictures are less than 50 cents. The printer has a 4-up mode where it will automatically fit four pictures on one 4X6 card to save even more money. If all you want is a head shot to ID someone, you cut the card twice to make four pictures and that’s a pretty cheap solution.” – by PH Esq

Overall a winner, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“The print quality surprised me a little. It took a little experimentation to calibrate the driver’s brightness, saturation and contrast settings to match what Photoshop was sending to it. I’m ok with 60 seconds for a 4 x 6 print, given how inexpensive this device is. My 2 areas of concern are durability and actual print size.” – by Bill Ziady

3 Straight hours of printing with no problems, | Rating: ★★★★★
“I used this at a wedding recently. We kept printing for 3 straight hours (including changing cartridges) without any problems. People were amazed at how clear and sharp the photos were. We did notice that the photos came out 1-2 stop darker than displayed on our computer. So we just brightened up the shots by 1-2 stops and problem was solved. Each photo takes about 45-50 seconds to print. “ – by Number2Pencil

I love and ADORE this printer!! | Rating: ★★★★★
“So I returned the Piece-Of, and bought this Canon Selphy. Lemme tell you, what a DREAM come true! Every print is sharp, crisp & clear. It’s operation has thus far been flawless. The setup was smooth….” – by Michelle

Nice little photo printer, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“Overall – I’m very pleased. This printer cost me about 1/2 what I paid for the CP100 and yet I still get the same great prints (and faster). The cost of the ink/paper packs has come down a lot, too. It used to cost 75 cents per print.” – by K. Russell

Love it | Rating: ★★★★★
“I researched a lot before buying this printer. The main reason I went with this is because it was so compact and the price to print pictures (paper and ink) was a lot cheaper than other printers out there. The printing is easy and the quality is also great. I was amazed with the first picture I printed. I would recommend this printer to anyone. “ – by Josephine


Canon Selphy CP780 Brochure & User Guide

Canon Selphy CP780 Brochure
Canon Selphy CP780 User Guide for Windows

Features & Specifications

Canon Selphy CP780 Features

Everyone loves sharing the photos they print with those who mean the most to them. Homes and offices everywhere are adorned with frames and photo albums filled with people’s most cherished memories. In producing these beautiful images, people also want the flexibility of printing from any room of the house at a moment’s notice. Now, the perfect printing companion can be yours with the versatility you want and the quality you need – the SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer.

Preview, edit and add creativity to your images on a 2.5” LCD, easily enhance photos with Portrait Image Optimize and automatic Red-eye correction features while enjoying computer-less printing capabilities via compatible memory cards, PictBridge and optional Bluetooth devices. All of this and more delivers what you’re looking for — beautiful, borderless, water-resistant photos in color and black & white that last up to 100 years. The optional NB-CP2L Battery Pack easily allows you to make this lil’ lightweight memory keeper portable at anytime. The SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer is fun, easy to use and even available in three different colors – Silver, Blue and Red. So, pick your favorite, get printing and let the fun begin!!

Photos That Last A Century
Print, display and preserve beautiful borderless photos that are water-resistant and last up to 100 years!

Gorgeous Prints – In Under One Minute
Enjoy photo lab quality with 4” x 6” images produced in approx. 47 seconds.

2.5” LCD
Easily view, select and edit your images for simple computer-free printing. No downloading needed, just pick your pic and print!

My Colors
Choose from five color effects to customize your photos – Black & White, Sepia, Vivid, Neutral and Positive Film.

Print without borders in Mini & Full Labels, Credit Card, 4” x 6” and 4” x 8” sizes.

Portrait Image Optimize
Experience image optimization as people’s faces are detected within an image and corrections are made so that brightness and contrast of the faces are adjusted.

Rey-eye Correction
Automatically reduce red-eye in images to be printed after flash photography is used.

Memory Cards / PictBridge & Optional Bluetooth
Don’t feel like using a computer? No problem. Just insert a compatible memory card into the built in card slot, select images on the LCD display, and print! Thanks to a PictBridge connection you can also print photos directly from your compatible digital camera, DV camcorder or camera phone. Plus, you can print from the optional BU-30 wireless Bluetooth unit.

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