Canon PowerShot TX1

Last update: Review by MacWorld (24 September’07)

The Canon PowerShot TX1 (announced 21 February’07) is a 7.1 million effective pixel point-and-shoot digital camera with the capability of shooting HDTV video at 1280×720 pixel, 30fps, and recording CD quality Stereo Sound, in 44 KHz. It also features a huge 10x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 39-390mm), ISO settings ranging from 80 to 1600, and a 1.8″ LCD screen. The camera measures 89 x 60 x 29 mm (3.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 in), weighs 220 g (7.8 oz) and will have a recommended retail price of around US$500.

Canon PowerShot TX1
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Canon PowerShot TX1 Reviews

MacWorld reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Less endearing are the clumsy controls, dearth of exposure-adjustment options, and relatively porky dimensions. However, In Macworld Lab tests, the TX1 performed well, earning Very Good marks from our jury for the color and clarity of its images.”
Rating: N/A

ImagingResource reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“The HD movie capture looks great on an HDTV using nothing more than the included component cable to send the signal from the camera to the monitor. No dock to buy, just use the included cable, and turn on the TX1 in Playback mode. Very nice…given its good performance in so many areas, we’re compelled to make it a Dave’s Pick, but we caution you that you’ll have to shoot two-handed…”
Rating: N/A

PCWorld reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“In our formal tests the TX1 produced high-quality images, earning a score of Very Good. Our jury was most impressed with the TX1’s color accuracy. Photos taken in natural light showed better exposure than when we used flash. My informal shots of the ocean and country landscapes also looked attractive. Colors appeared very natural, though slightly muted due to the bright sunlight. Getting sharp shots with decent contrast was easy.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DigitalCameraInfo reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“It isn’t a great camera. And it isn’t a good camcorder either: the poor compression, inability to properly handle motion, noisy footage, weak battery, poor handling, and massive video files that crowd memory cards are all problematic.”
Rating: N/A

PhotoReview.AU reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Ergonomics have been quite seriously compromised. Compared with the elegant Ixus models, the TX1 is awkward to hold and operate,.. It took just over 1.3 seconds to power-up the test camera and extend its lens. We measured an average capture lag of 0.55 seconds, which reduced to less than 0.1 seconds with pre-focusing. Shot-to-shot times averaged 1.2 seconds without flash and between 3.2 and 5.5 seconds with flash (depending on battery status).”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Canon’s Powershot TX1 is an interesting 7-megapixel model. While it’s not as comfortable to hold in your hands as Sanyo’s Xacti series models, the TX1 offers better image quality, performance, a more durable exterior and movie quality. At an MSRP of US$499 or less, the TX1 is slightly cheaper than its competitors, however still a bit expensive for a 7-megapixel digicam.”
Rating: N/A

PCAuthority reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“In this regard, the TX1 is a highly polished point and shoot stills camera with remarkable video capabilities requirements and a design that will turn heads. It may not offer as much control over the still images as a more advanced Powershot, but it’s not supposed to. We love it for its construction, good image quality and brute force approach to video, which will become less of an issue as SDHC memory capacity inevitably increases.”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Still images showed more ISO noise and image artifacts than we’re used to with Canon’s digital still cameras. We also saw other image artifacts, which turned some curved lines and angled lines jaggy. Colors looked accurate overall, and we saw a decent amount of finer detail, but the images weren’t as tack sharp as many of the company’s cameras from recent years…Overall, video turned out better than stills though. The footage we shot wasn’t perfect, but was sharper than footage from the Sanyo HD2, and while the TX-1’s footage did have its fair share of compression artifacts, it certainly had fewer than the HD2, especially on edges of objects, and showed a significantly wider dynamic range than the Sanyo…. If you absolutely have to have a combo still camera/720p HD camcorder, the Canon PowerShot TX-1 is probably the best bang for the buck.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Our biggest problem with the still images was high levels of chromatic aberration. Scoring .197% in Imatest’s chromatic aberration test, it fell well below most other compact cameras….Overall, the TX1 is a decent but not outstanding product. While the convenience of having HD video recording and good quality still image capture in a single product cannot be denied, enthusiasts will find themselves more satisfied with two standalone products. If the quality of the images could be improved a little and the controls could be reshuffled, Canon may be on to a winner with this product, but as it stands it will appeal to a niche group for whom convenience is paramount.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

DCRP reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 and writes;
“Overall, the photos produced by the PowerShot TX1 are of very good quality. They are typically well-exposed, with pleasing, saturated colors, and Canon’s trademark smooth appearance…Wipe off the drool — it’s time for a dose of reality. While those specs are fantastic, the camera limits your recording time to just under fourteen minutes of continuous video in 720p mode. … So what are my final thoughts on the PowerShot TX1? As a serious gadget geek, I think it’s pretty cool — flawed, but fun to show off to friends. As someone who is supposed to help people wisely spend their money on a camera, I have a hard time recommending it, when other options are available for much less. If you want an ultra zoom that’s really small and stylish with a fancy, memory card gobbling movie mode and don’t mind parting with five bills, then the TX1 is worth a look. If huge movies aren’t as important to you, then you could save a bundle by looking at something like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3.”
Rating: N/A

Canon PowerShot TX1 Samples

Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Video @ ImagingResource (Large file: 42 MB)
Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Photos @ ImagingResource
Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams
Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Photos @ DigitalCameraInfo
Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Photos @ GoodGearGuide
Canon PowerShot TX1 Sample Photos @ DCRP
Canon PowerShot TX1 SampleVideo @ DCRP

Canon PowerShot TX1 User Manuals (PDF)

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– Download Canon PowerShot TX1 User Guide Basic (PDF – 1.89 MB)
– Download Canon PowerShot TX1 User Guide Advanced (PDF – 3.66 MB)
– Download Canon PowerShot TX1 System Map (PDF – 419 KB)

Canon PowerShot TX1 Press Release

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., February 21, 2007 – At first glance Canon’s new 7.1 megapixel PowerShot TX1 digital camera looks familiar…pocket-sized, stainless steel case with textured accents and enough cutting-edge photo technology to make one wonder how they got all that functionality into that deck of playing cards-sized package. Indeed, this compact camera fits in just as well at a football game or a family function; in a small evening bag for a night on the town, or the pocket of a dress shirt, and is as much at home on a business trip as it is on a hard-earned weekend getaway.

At second glance, the mystery of how they got all that functionality into that really small space deepens. Augmented by a simple press of the power button – this digital camera comes alive and the family resemblance to not one, but many of Canon’s crowning camera achievements becomes immediately apparent…a stainless-steel barrier on the camera’s leading-edge slides away to unleash the PowerShot TX1 digital camera’s formidable (and optically image-stabilized) 10x optical zoom lens that glides smoothly from its resting place into the open air. Unfold a simple yet securely hinged housing, and an 115,000-pixel Vari-Angle LCD screen is freed to swivel camcorder-like from the PowerShot TX1 digital camera’s side.

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