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Canon PowerShot SD630 (aka IXUS 65 in Europe) is a point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 21.02.06), featuring a 6.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 3x Optical Zoom lens (35 – 105mm equivalent), a 3″ LCD screen, with dimension of 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.8″ (90.0 x 57.0 x 20.0mm), weight of 5.1 oz (145.0 g), and it’s running on Proprietary NB-4L Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. It shoots movies at up to 30 frames per second and has a real image optical view finder. Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH will be available in stores from April 2006 with an estimated retail price of $399.99 USD.


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>> REVIEWS (last updated: 26.12.06)

TrustedReviews reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65. They rated the camera 5/10 and wrote;
“Canon AF systems are always very good, and the IXUS 65 is no exception. Regardless of the lighting conditions its nine-point AiAF system focused quickly and accurately, even in total darkness thanks to an AF illuminator, although the range of this was limited to about two metres. The flash is good too, with a range of 3.5m and excellent frame coverage at wide angle….The Canon IXUS 65 is a potentially lovely little camera which could have been one of the best pocket compacts on the market, with great build quality, stunning performance, attractive but functional styling and good value for money, but sadly it is let down by a number of major image quality issues, especially high-ISO image noise.”

ImagingResource reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65. They rated the camera 75 and wrote;
“The Canon PowerShot SD630’s performance is pretty good overall, starting with its fairly quick startup time of 1.3 seconds. Shutter lag is good at wide angle and telephoto, with a quick “prefocus” time of 0.074 second. (“Prefocus” means half-pressing and holding down the shutter button before the final exposure.) Shot to shot cycle times are a little better than average, at about 1.62 seconds for large/fine JPEGs, averaged over about 20 shots. Continuous-mode speed is slightly slower, at a bit over two frames/second, for 20 shots or more. The flash takes about five seconds to recharge after a full-power shot, about average for this class of camera.”

PCWorld reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65. They rated the camera 75 and wrote;
“During battery testing, the SD630 took a respectable 245 shots on a single charge of its lithium ion cell. As with many Canon models, the battery gauge tells you only when you’re about out of juice–that’s of little help when you’re far away from an electrical outlet. Thankfully, Canon still furnishes a great little travel charger that’s the same size as the camera, with prongs that fold up for easily packing…”

DCRP reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 and wrote;
PROS:Very good photo quality (though see issues below), Huge 3-inch LCD; screen is easily viewable in low light, Compact and stylish metal body, Very good performance, AF-assist lamp, Four-way controller doubles as scroll wheel in playback mode (though it’s too small in my opinion), Very good movie and continuous shooting modes (though see issue below), Unique My Colors, focus point review features, USB 2.0 High Speed support. CONS: Some corner softness and vignetting; redeye is a problem, Below average battery life, No optical viewfinder, Can only record about 8 minutes of VGA video due to 1GB file size limit, More manual controls would be nice, Can’t swap memory cards while camera is on a tripod, Flimsy cover over memory card/battery compartment, Tiny memory card included”

CamerasUK reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 and wrote;
“Both of the portrait shots are good. With the outdoor shot I felt the camera managed to get the exposure just about right. The picture was taken on an overcast day and I used the cloudy white balance setting to add a warmer feel to the colours. The indoor shot is sharp too. This is also another example of the camera being able to bring out a good level of detail. There is a drawback though. As with many other cameras in the Canon IXUS range the IXUS 65 produced a greater amount of red eye than the majority of similar digital cameras. “

Let’sGoDigital reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 and wrote;
“The Canon IXUS 65 camera takes great pictures that look very natural. You can unpack it and get to work immediately. I changed very little when I was testing it, just because everything was so good already. Accurate colour reproduction, good exposure and the right auto focus makes it easy to take beautiful pictures. This is also helped by the camera’s simple and pleasant to use operation…All in all, the exquisite Canon IXUS 65 leaves little room for complaint. Maybe the battery could be a bit longer lasting and a little more zoom would also be welcome. But that’s all. I can’t help being positive about this camera.”

DigitalTrends reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 and wrote;
“I really enjoyed shooting with the Canon SD 630 Digital ELPH. It takes very nice photos with colors that are spot on. The compact camera feels right and can be easily carried for the spur of the moment snapshots. It’s designed for the point-and-shoot crowd or someone who just wants a shade more options in their photographic arsenal. Anyone who wants to adjust the aperture or shutter speed should look elsewhere. Although a solid camera I did find myself wishing for optical image stabilization since the camera is so small, it’s hard to hold rock steady.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 and wrote;
“Bottom line – The PowerShot SD630 is a outstanding camera that offers great image quality, robust performance, and various user-friendly exposure modes, all packed in an ultra-compact, durable and stylish shell. It’s sure to make an excellent choice for any user in the market for an extremely pocketable, high resolution digicam. At about US$399, it offers a good value for an “ultra-compact” 6-megapixel model. If you like the features of this camera, but don’t need such a large LCD, be sure to check out the PowerShot SD600. It includes almost every single feature found on this model for about $50 less.”

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>> SAMPLE PICTURES (last updated: 26.12.06)

Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 Sample Pictures posted @ TrustedReviews
Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 Sample Pictures posted @ ImagingResource
Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 Sample Pictures posted @ DCRP
Canon PowerShot SD630 / IXUS 65 Sample Pictures posted @ Steve’sDigicams


Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 21 February 2006: Canon today announces the release of two new jewels in the Digital IXUS crown – the Digital IXUS 60 and Digital IXUS 65. The two cameras continue the IXUS tradition of fusing cutting-edge technologies and superb build quality with compelling camera design.

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