Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS

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Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS is a 14.1-megapixel digital pocket camera features 28mm wide-angle lens; 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer, ISO 100-1600, 720p HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output, Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 22 predefined settings, New scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect; Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations, and 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD. The camera measures 3.63 x 2.21 x 0.70 in. (92.2 x 56.1 x 17.8mm) and weighs 4.69 oz./133g (includes batteries and memory card).

Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS
Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS Reviews reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“Overall we found the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS performed well in terms of image quality for its class. The 14 megapixel sensor offers good image quality from 80 to 200 ISO, with digital noise (grain like effect) becoming more noticeable from there on. “
rating: N/A

TrustedReviews reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“… this is most definitely a point and shoot camera, rather than one for the enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it produces more than acceptable results and is diverse enough for most everyday social photography…”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCMag reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“The Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS is a great choice if you want a very small camera that’s easy to use and produces high-quality images. If you have big hands, though, the controls might be too tiny.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

TechRadar reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“It’s not overly complex, it’s easy to use, and it produces excellent quality images without requiring the photographer to understand everything that’s going on. The build is slim and feels solid, the screen is good – in short, the 130 only strengthens the Ixus brand.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotographyBlog reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“The Canon Digital IXUS 130 handled chromatic aberrations well, with limited purple fringing effects appearing in high contrast situations and generally at the edges of the frame. The built-in flash worked well indoors, with little red-eye and good overall exposure. The night photograph was excellent…”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digitalcamerareview reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“I enjoyed spending time with the SD1400 IS. It’s small, sleek and easily transportable, and has very good build quality. It takes nice-looking photos and movies and has many interesting features. It has a high-quality lens that takes sharp pictures with small amounts of distortion.”
Rating: ★★★★☆ reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“On the whole I am very happy with the quality of photos the IXUS 130 has produced. Looking through my outdoor photos sharpness is some way above average for such a small digital camera…I am especially impressed by the sharpness showing in my second photo where the lens is zoomed all the way out.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“The Canon IXUS 130 IS is definitely a camera for the style-conscious user. It looks good, it’s very slim and it’s a featherweight compared to most compact cameras — even compared to the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX1. It can take very clear and vibrant pictures, and it lives up to the high expectation that the IXUS brand has forged over the years, particularly for premium models such as this one. “
Rating: ★★★½☆ reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“Full autofocus shutter lag is good, at 0.57 second at wide-angle and 0.60 second at full telephoto. Prefocus shutter lag is 0.081 second, slower than average, but still fairly quick.”
rating: N/A

Cameralabs reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS and writes;
“This camera is all about looks and size and doesn’t disappoint in either respect. Measuring just 92x56x17.8mm, it’s a seriously compact camera which combined with beautifully rounded corners and lack of sharp edges will see it slip easily and comfortably into any pocket.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

User Opinions

Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS User Reviews

Compact, High Quality Canon | Rating: ★★★★★
“This is a great little camera. It is very compact and takes great photos. It is a little grainy indoors, but some minor tweaking of the camera settings fixes it for the most part. If you are looking for a high quality, compact point-and-shoot camera, this is it and if it’s anything like my old SD1000 then it will last a long time too. If anyone has questions, I’ll try to make time to come back and answer them, but for only $250, you can’t really go wrong with Canon.” – By S. Erschens

Good Camera for the Size, Improvement over Previous Models | Rating: ★★★★★
“The main thing that I like about this camera is its size. It’s so small, that I can have it with me wherever I go. I recommend one of the Canon leather belt cases for someone who would want to carry this on a belt. When I use that with this camera, I hardly notice that it’s there. It is true that the best camera is the one that you have with you, and with the SD1400, this is a camera you can always have with you.” – By Kevin K. Fosler

Best camera for the money!! Get the waterproof case!! | Rating: ★★★★★
“Indoors the colors are very real. I do not find yellow tints to pictures. I was taking pictures of the kids around the dinner table, (which has a big window next too it) and the kids looked great. Usually with past cameras they turned out dark because of the light coming in through the window. Outdoors the pictures are beautiful. ” – By RunKidsx3

Easy to use, easy to carry | Rating: ★★★★☆
“This one gives great people/group shots, rendering good colors, is easy to set for beach mode, and I even tried low light with a ok pictures. It has a double stabilization making it better for those shaky hands. Is very easy to carry with you all the time. The controls are easy to use, and if you decide to read , play a biut more with the camera, you can have great long exposures shoots, color swapping (b&n with a specific color showing up only). I loved this little camera.” – By Rafa.el.Guerrero

Awesome! | Rating: ★★★★★
“This camera is everything it says and it’s smaller then I expected, which is even better. Canon has outdone themselves with this one. ” – By The Bandit

The Canon SD1400IS is Capable & Compact | Rating: ★★★★★
“In short, this is a great camera in a very small package that produces good results! I wanted a small portable camera with HD video capabilities that I could take with me when I did not want to lug around my DSLR (Canon 40D + lenses) and this little gem fits the bill perfectly. ” – By SDesign

Sleek and powerful, nice HD | Rating: ★★★★☆
“For $250, I’m satisfied with the SD1400. It’s small and simple enough not to intimidate my wife which now means that Daddy can actually appear in a couple of family photos. The picture and video quality are excellent too.” – By J. Pinn

Canon | Rating: ★★★★★
“I read about this camera and ended up purchasing it. It takes great pictures! Have been using it for a month now and no problems. Really easy to use too. I have had numerous cameras but always go back to Canon… It is GREAT! I love this camera!” – By Lisa Ashley

Amazing device! | Rating: ★★★★★
“I am very pleased with the smart auto, and even the other little features it has that I originally thought I’d never use, but actually are very fun and produce very nice results! It is very easy to use, and all the features and settings are very self explanatory. The only thing is that because its so small and smooth, you have to be very careful not to drop it or let it slip out of your hands. I’d recommend putting the strap on it immediately. ” – By U. Diril

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Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS User Manual (PDF – 3.6MB)


Canon PowerShot SD1400 (IXUS130) IS Features

14.1-megapixel resolution and large, 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD
Canon’s commitment to innovation defines the excitement of the PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH. 14.1-megapixel resolution is more than a number, it’s your cutting-edge link to the outstanding clarity and quality you’ve always wanted in your images. Think bold and big, because razor-sharp oversized prints are a breeze. Get the picture? It’s absolutely brilliant. The PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH gives you a large 2.7-inch LCD screen for excellent control when framing your shots. The Canon PureColor System LCD offers spectacular color, resolution and contrast even when viewed at an angle. The screen is highly durable and easy to see in any light with a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating. It also features Night Display for easy viewing in low light–a perfect feature for gathering friends and family around to see your images.

Sleek, slim, sophisticated
It takes meticulous engineering to create a camera so slim and stylish and yet so impressively equipped with the most advanced Canon camera features. Cool, assured and ready to hit the road with loads of fashion impact. The PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH will be your fave fashion accessory. Sleek enough to tuck anywhere. Bold enough to be the center of attention.

28mm wide-angle lens, 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer
The PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH has a 28mm wide-angle lens with 4x optical zoom lens that makes it easy to get not only breathtaking panoramas, but also the inspiring, emotive close-ups that will make your images lasting keepsakes. This magnificent lens gives you the power to shoot distant subjects with razor-sharp precision and stunning lifelike color. So you can brilliantly capture a closer shot of a landscape, or a child’s big smile. The PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH is equipped with the acclaimed Canon Optical Image Stabilizer, which automatically detects and corrects camera shake–one of the leading causes of fuzzy or blurred shots. Even when zoomed in, you can get the steady, crisp, brilliant images you’ll be proud to shoot and share. And the Canon Optical Image Stabilizer technology is so convenient to use. It functions perfectly with or without a flash.

720p HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output
The PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH lets you record video in beautiful 720p high definition (1280 x 720 pixels). The camera also makes it easy to enjoy HD movies (and still photos) on your HDTV with a mini-HDMI connector for direct connection to a high definition TV monitor. You’ll enjoy the HD experience with no degradation of image or audio in the signal, plus the ability to display up to 130 still images at once.

Let Smart AUTO do the work for you by intelligently selecting from 22 settings
Just set the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH to Smart AUTO and you’re ready for maximum enjoyment from your picture-taking every time. It’s a relaxing and satisfying way to shoot because you can completely concentrate on your subject knowing that the camera has the technical details covered. Advanced Canon technology intelligently analyzes your situation and shooting conditions. Then it automatically selects an appropriate setting from 22 specially defined settings. So whether you’re photographing flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends at the park, you can be confident that you’re getting dramatic, memorable images.

Shooting Modes
Advanced presets for the best possible photos under certain conditions. With 22 Shooting Modes, you’re ready for whatever shot comes your way.

Bring creativity to your photos with new scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect
The Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH offers creative effects similar to those found in certain professional lenses. Miniature Effect creates an illusion where very large objects appear in miniature proportions. Turn soaring cityscapes into a scene in seemingly dollhouse-like proportions. Fisheye Effect uses barrel distortion to warp the image around the center, giving a distinctive curvature effect to the photo. The curvilinear images produced by Fisheye Effect can suggest the curve of the Earth, the inside of a dome, or the image you see through the peephole of a door.

ISO of 400-6400 in Low Light mode
Now even scenes notorious for having insufficient light, such as those lit by candles, fire, or street lamp, come through in fantastic color and clarity, with less noise. You can keep the feel of the scene intact without adding additional light, so the result will be scenes with the visual accuracy, depth and clarity you expect from a Canon camera.

New Smart Shutter technology
Smart Shutter, which includes Smile Self-Timer, Wink Self-timer and Face Self-timer, detects faces in the scene and releases the shutter automatically in response to the appearance of an additional face, or when a smile or sassy wink occurs. These technologies take the guesswork out of your photography, allowing you to focus solely on your subject and get the perfect shot.

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