Canon PowerShot G9

Last update: Canon has officially announced the Canon PowerShot G10 (13 April’12)

The Canon PowerShot G9 is a point-and-shoot digital camera features 12.1 Megapixel, 1/1.7-inch CCD with RAW capture, DIGIC III Image Processor, ISO from 80-1600, 6x optical zoom lens with a shift-type optical Image Stabilizer (IS) system and 3.0-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle. The camera measures 106.4 x 71.9 x 42.5 mm (4.2 x 2.8 x 1.7 in) and weighs 320g (9.4 oz). (Full Specs)

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Canon PowerShot G9 Reviews

Shutterbug reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“In terms of overall picture-taking performance the Canon PowerShot G9 is outstanding. The Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) system certainly did a fine job in minimizing the effects of shake in images we shot at maximum telephoto position”
Rating: N/A

PocketLint reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Flash performance is good (up to a 4m range at the wide end) and with the ability to use an accessory flash, opens up a lot of creativity. You can even use the built-in flash in continuous shooting…”
Rating: ★★★★☆

ThinkCamera reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Similarly, the camera’s abilities with a range of ISO is not up to the same mark as a DSLR, but it is noise reduced rather than noisy, which puts the Canon PowerShot G9 a head above its compact peers. Which means ISO 80-400 are fine, ISO 800 is so-so and ISO 1,600 is noise-reduced soup.”
Rating: ★★★★½

OutbackPhoto reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Overall we are much more impressed than it sounds. This is a P&S camera at about $500. For such a camera it is actually quite excellent. Does not match DSLRs, but who would expect this. We are quite excited about this small companion camera (no excuse to leave it home)”
Rating: N/A

LuminousLandscape reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The other major deficiency is the G9’s noticeable shutter-lag. While not long by any objective measure, the delay between depression of the shutter and actual exposure makes capturing the decisive moment rather difficult. I’m sure that this lag is measured in fractions of a second, but it irritated me whenever my subject was something other than a stationary landscape…Coming from a background of high-end SLRs and rangefinders, this palpable lack of responsiveness is a deal breaker for me. ”
Rating: N/A

PhotographyReview reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“If you’re trying to decide whether to buy the Canon PowerShot G9, I give you permission. In fact, I encourage you to buy it. If you’re not sure, consider your true needs and wants and see if it really does what you want it to do. It’s small (compared to a digital SLR), the image quality is very good, and the speed is ok for most purposes. I really enjoyed shooting landscape photos with it. That’s what it’s best at. But with some compromise, good technique, and adjusted expectations, you could shoot almost anything with it.”
Rating: N/A

ComputerActive reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Finally, there’s the price: we found the G9 on sale for far less than its RRP of £429, but it’s possible to pick up a good digital SLR for a similar amount. Despite these problems, we were impressed by the G9. A digital SLR is still a better way to take creative photos, but if you want something smaller then the G9 is a good alternative.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CreativePro reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“At 400 and below, the G9 is a bit noisy, especially in the shadows, but ISO 400 prints are still beautiful, and the noise that’s visible isn’t unattractive… the G9 is a very good camera. It has an excellent feature set that’s very well-implemented and is housed in a body that looks great and feels even better. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

MacWorld reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The G9’s image quality is certainly comparable or superior to anything in that class, scoring Very Good on both image and color quality in Macworld Lab tests. Photos came out with sharp detail, minimal noise, and pleasing color balance at low ISO settings. (Expect increasing noise and fuzz as you go above ISO 200.)”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“With superb build quality, a huge range of features and options, fast performance and – at its best – outstanding image quality, the Canon PowerShot G9 is certainly one of the best compact cameras on the market, and a very good creative tool for the enthusiast photographer. However it does suffer from the usual limited dynamic range and noise problems of super-powerful compacts, and considering it is nearly the price of an entry-level DSLR, one has to ask if it’s really worth the money.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

LetsGoDigital reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“It is simply one of the best compact cameras at this moment, but you have to know very well what you are doing and you have to get used to the camera. The camera is not friends with everybody and an inexperienced photographer will not be able to apply the camera to the fullest.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

ImagingResource reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“I reached for the Canon G9 when I wanted to worry about the pictures not the camera, and it never disappointed me. I got some great shots of the Fall and the family and some nice lettersized prints to prove it. The Canon PowerShot G9 unquestionably rates a Dave’s Pick.”
Rating: Dave’s Pick reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Ease of use rating:Good. With all the features packed into the camera it is never going to score highly for ease of use…If quality is what counts for you the Canon Powershot G9 should be towards the top of your shortlist. It is packed with features, offers excellent picture quality and has a good build quality too. Recommended.”
Rating: ★★★★½

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“If you’re after an enthusiast camera but don’t yet want to venture into the land of SLRs, or just need a backup for your main camera, Canon’s PowerShot G9 is a great choice. While there are a few minor issues for the most part, it captures brilliant shots and the feature set and build quality are sure to keep all but the most demanding professional satisfied.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The G9 continues the traditions of this line, offering a slew of manual functions, great image quality, blazing fast performance, a durable exterior, and class leading specs, not to mention plenty of automatic controls for beginners…Therefore, the Canon PowerShot G9 is a worthy adversary in the prosumer category ”
Rating: N/A

CameraLabs reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
” Good points: 6x optical zoom with IS and decent macro, Flash hotshoe for Speedlites and wireless, Dedicated ISO dial and control wheel, Great manual exposure and RAW support. Bad points: No flip-out screen, nor much grip to speak of, Noise at 400 ISO and above, Modest AF speed and slow continuous shooting, A650 IS and EOS 400D compelling alternatives”

Rating: ★★★★½

DCRP reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The PowerShot G9 is a solid high-end camera, though it won’t be replacing your digital SLR anytime soon. It offers a full set of features, both automatic and manual, and throws them into a well-built, expandable body. If you keep the ISO as low as possible you’ll get some nice photos out of the camera, though a D-SLR will wipe the floor with the G9 at higher sensitivities. Though I still miss the fast lens and rotating LCD of the older G-series models, I can still recommend the PowerShot G9 to anyone who wants a high-end camera without stepping up to a digital SLR.”
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBlog reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The built-in flash worked well indoors, with no red-eye and good overall exposure, although the lens exhibits noticeable vignetting at the wide-angle focal lengths. Macro performance is amazing, allowing you to focus as close as just 1cm away from the subject and capturing lots of detail. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

PhotoReview reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“We’d like the shutter button and zoom control to have been slightly larger and the zoom thrust to be longer and feel users with large hands or fingers could find them difficult to operate with any precision….although the price is largely justified by the camera’s image quality and functionality. In knowledgeable hands, it’s capable of delivering excellent results.”
Rating: ★★★★½

DCI reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Our tests prove the G9 has significantly better resolution, better than most cameras released this year. Noise levels are high, but not any higher than the G7, which is commendable. Color accuracy is fantastic, as is the Movie mode, both of which have become consistent successes for high-end Canon PowerShots.”
Rating: N/A

TheOnlinePhotographer reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The G9′s lens is also due some praise. It is every bit as corner-to-corner sharp as the G7′s lens, has good contrast, and seems quite free of chromatic aberrations…. If you’re looking for a go-anywhere pocketable camera in this price range you owe it to yourself to look at Canon’s G9. I believe that it truly represents today’s gold standard for point & shoot camera performance and specifications.”
Rating: N/A

CNETAsia reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“The good: A cornucopia of features; zippy; built like a tank. The bad: Relatively significant distortion at the widest angle of view; when zoomed out completely, lens intrudes into viewfinder; no optical zoom during movie capture. The bottom line: The Canon PowerShot G9 is a solid enthusiast camera for those who want something compact to complement a dSLR. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PopPhoto reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Color accuracy is Excellent in RAW with an Average Delta E of 8.0, ISO 80, Manual White Balance. JPEG color accuracy is Extremely High with an Average Delta E of 8.6, ISO 80, Auto White Balance.”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Canon PowerShot G9 and writes;
“Among the G9′s good qualities you’ll find an excellent noise profile–photos hold detail well as high as ISO 400–and as usual Canon’s exposure and white balance hold up quite well; it renders realistically saturated colors without going overboard.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon PowerShot G9 Samples

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Canon PowerShot G9 Price Comparison

Canon PowerShot G9 User Manual (PDF)

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- Download Canon PowerShot G9 User Manual in English(PDF – 14 MB)

Canon PowerShot G9 Press Release

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., August 20, 2007 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. announced today that its acclaimed G-series has a new top-of-the line model – the PowerShot G9 digital camera. The PowerShot G9 digital camera offers serious shooters and value-minded professionals a feature-packed camera with many of the advanced photographic capabilities of a high-end Digital SLR camera, in a lightweight, compact package at an affordable price.

The PowerShot G9 digital camera features the same matte black, retro-hip design that G-series fans have come to appreciate, with a simplified control layout that is versatile yet easy to understand. This camera is loaded with Canon’s latest and most advanced technologies, while raising the bar with the addition of RAW Mode, usually reserved for larger and more expensive SLR cameras. Advanced photographers also have the option of using RAW+JPEG simultaneous capture functionality, giving photographers the best of both worlds – JPEGs for immediate use and RAW images for faithful image reproduction, and extensive, non-destructive image editing capability.

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Comment by sarah
2008-10-03 04:23:58

This is a very useful camera, but if you want more control over the focussing, it will frustrate. The lens continually hunts, resulting in lost shots and it is difficult to get pin-sharp close-up shots.


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