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Canon PowerShot G15 is a 12.1MP CMOS Sensor Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom. It features 28-140mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length, DIGIC 5 Image Processor, 1080p HD Video Capture, 12800 ISO, Intelligent IS Image Stabilization, 10fps Continuous Capture, RAW & JPEG Capture, and has a 3.0-inch LCD Monitor. The camera measures (W x H x D) 4.0 x 2.9 x 1.6″ / 101.6 x 73.7 x 40.6 mm and weight 10.9 oz / 0.31 kg Camera only. We are highly recommends this camera for selling photos online because its performance to take excellent photos according to user and expert reviews below. We are also recommend some of the rivals of this camera.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Canon PowerShot G15 Reviews

Engadget reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“the G15 is one powerful shooter, with a very solid design to boot. Though it is smaller than the G12, it’s still far too large to fit in a pocket — you’ll likely walk around with this guy dangling from your neck. There’s a mode dial up top, along with a dedicated exposure compensation dial, enabling more precise EV control.”
rating: N/A

Cameralabs reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“the G15 still has plenty to offer. Its bright f1.8-2.8 lens combined with excellent optical image stabilisation not only provides it with great low light performance, the 1cm close focus distance at the wide angle setting together with it’s ability to focus reasonably close when zoomed in, makes it possible to achieve a fairly shallow depth of field on macros and portraits, something that’s often proved elusive on small sensor cameras.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Ephotozine reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“There are bags of features, in a very sturdy, well-built body and image quality to match. We love the 10 fps continuous shooting and fast f/1.8-2.8 lens. There wasn’t much we could find that we didn’t like, although if you have a large nose, you might find the optical viewfinder is a little uncomfortable to use. Overall, the Canon Powershot G15 is a pleasure to use and we are happy to highly recommend it.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Photographyblog reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“The Canon PowerShot G15 handled chromatic aberrations well, with limited purple fringing effects appearing only in high contrast situations and generally at the edges of the frame. The lens exhibits a little barrel distortion at the 28mm wide-angle setting, along with softening of detail towards the corners. The built-in flash worked well indoors, with no red-eye and good overall exposure, although there’s noticeable vignetting at 28mm.”
Rating: ★★★★½

PCMAG reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“Imatest confirms that the G15 has a sharp lens—it scores 1,918 lines per picture height, better than the 1,800 lines required for a sharp image. Noise is controlled through ISO 1600, and image detail is excellent at this setting even when shooting JPG images—the G15 also supports Raw capture.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digitalcamerainfo reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“The camera’s low-light performance is excellent, and that’s due to a collaboration between lens and sensor. A bright maximum aperture paired with excellent sensitivity is a dream come true, and the G15 manages some truly impressive low-light numbers. In our video sensitivity test, it took only 3 lux of illumination to reach a broadcast-standard 50 IRE, which betters even some of Canon’s own DSLRs and their comparably massive sensors.”
Rating: ★★★★½

DCresource reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“Colors are quite saturated, and subjects are nice and sharp. The camera keeps noise levels low through ISO 800 in low light and ISO 1600 in normal lighting. I found the G15 to produce better quality JPEGs than the Nikon Coolpix P7700 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 at higher sensitivities.”
rating: N/A

Digitalversus reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“The video image is accurate and pleasant to watch, but areas of bright light are soon overexposed. Sound is relatively accurate and the stereo effect is well rendered. However, the zoom motor can be heard buzzing in the background of quieter scenes and gets muffled in noisier situations. In the end, you’re better off not zooming at all while filming if you want to use the audio recorded by this camera.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Digitalcamerainfo reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“Another big-ticket item is the brand-new lens. Coming in at a maximum aperture of F1.8, it’s the fastest lens we can recall in the history of Canon’s PowerShot brand. Aperture isn’t everything, but despite an unchanged sensor size, image quality seems—at first glance—to be better than Nikon’s similar P7700, as well as Canon’s own G1 X.”
rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“As you’d expect from its stills performance, the G15 produces some pretty punchy video. I conducted my video tests at the same time as shooting my stills, and the rich autumnal colours once again shone through.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Imaging-resource reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“High-Speed Burst HQ mode provides up to 10 frames per second at 12.1 megapixels, and the camera uses Canon’s Intelligent IS, specifically of the four-stop correction, lens-shift variety, to keep the camera image steady during both still shots and video.”
rating: N/A

Techradar reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“Canon has pushed the pixel count of the Canon G15, and using its Digic 5 processor is bound to see image quality improvements, but we would have liked to have seen a bit more of a radical upgrade from the Canon G12.”
rating: N/A

Pocket-lint reviews the Canon PowerShot G15 and writes;
“The Canon PowerShot G15 is an undeniably impressive compact camera. It’s not going to suit all tastes on account of its bulky, larger-than-average build, but for those after full control and both exceptional performance and image quality then there are few other places to look that deliver to this level. It’s a seriously good compact, bolstered by a superb wide-aperture lens and image stabilisation system.”
Rating: ★★★★½

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Canon PowerShot G15 Reviews

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Canon PowerShot G15 Sample Photos

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Canon PowerShot G15 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon PowerShot G15 User Manual (PDF – 18.93 MB)


Canon PowerShot G15 Features

The Canon PowerShot G15 is equipped with a 5x optical zoom 28-140mm (35mm equivalent) f/1.8-2.8 lens which lets you capture exceptional images quality in most any situation, from group shoots to macro close-ups. While the aperture range lends itself makes it perfect to capture images in low-light situations or using shallow depth-of-field for dramatic, soft backgrounds. Not only does it, by combining the 12.1MP CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 5 image processor including HS SYSTEM, makes the camera has remarkable low-light performance enabling the ISO to be set up to 12800. This combination delivers incredible images quality at high ISO speeds even in low-light situations.


This camera also allow you to record video in 1080p full HD instantly by pressing the dedicated movie button. There is Fine Detail Movie Processing achieves incredible videos with high resolution processing that records approximately 4x the amount of information during video shooting for clarity and sharpness. You can also use the full range of the zoom in movie mode, and sound is recorded in stereo. Sharing and viewing you images and videos is easy on an HDTV immediately by connecting the camera to the TV with an optional HDMI cable.


Additionally, the Canon PowerShot G15 is equipped with High Speed AF which provides significantly faster focus speed for a super-responsive shooting experience allowing you to capture fast moving subject or fast actions ensures you’ll never miss the great moments with time lag only 0.22 seconds. There is also High-Speed Burst HQ which lets you shooting continuously at a maximum speed of approximately 10 fps. While with an Intelligent IS which automatically chooses from Six Modes of Image Stabilization, the camera allows you to capture clear, steady images even in low-light without using a tripod.


Canon PowerShot G15 Features:

+ 12.1MP CMOS Sensor

+ 3.0″ LCD Monitor

+ 5x Optical Zoom 6.1-30.5mm Lens

+ 28-140mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length

+ DIGIC 5 Image Processor

+ 1080p HD Video Capture

+ 12800 ISO

+ Intelligent IS Image Stabilization

+ 10fps Continuous Capture

+ RAW & JPEG Capture

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