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Canon Powershot D10 is a 12 megapixels rugged Digital Camera features 3x optical zoom (35mm film equivalent: 35-105mm) with Optical Image Stabilizer System, ISO 80-1600, and a 2.5-inch TFT color LCD. The camera is waterproof to 33 feet, cold resistant from 14-104°F and shockproof up to 4 feet.
[Canon Powershot D10 Features & Specifications]

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆| Latest Price Info: sold start from $349.00

Expert Reviews

Canon Powershot D10 Reviews reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
Good points: Freezeproof, waterproof and shockproof, whereas many rivals offer one or the other; larger-than-average buttons and spacious layout allows operation when wearing gloves; good picture performance Bad points: Plasticky look and feel and unattractively rotund design; twice the price of a similar standard compact; battery and card compartment fiddly to open even without gloves”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

DCI reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“Overall, we found the D10 to be an excellent camera for adventurous types, with a good balance of ease of use and robustness. If your idea of fun is skiing down a volcano, parachuting off a glacier into the ocean and riding a whale into the sunset, the D10 should survive as long as you do (and will perhaps be discovered by the search party with the photos still intact). However, it might be overkill if all you need is photos of the kids in the paddling pool. .”
Rating: ★★★½☆

CameraLabs reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“PowerShot D10 is an excellent all-round digital compact that is designed specifically for use in the water and other ‘challenging’ environments. With a 12.1 megapixel sensor, 3x digital zoom and 2.5in LCD it’s specifications may not set your heart racing, but within these boundaries it does what it does very well and produces excellent quality photos.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Pocket-Lint reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“Those hitting the slopes might want something more compact, but for those who want something easy to grip and happy in all weathers, the Canon PowerShot D10 is well worth a look”
Rating: ★★★★☆ reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“he good: Good image quality; interchangeable front plates offer unique customization; good range of available accessories. The bad: Average feature set; bulky design may not appeal to everyone; strap mounts not universal. The bottom line: The PowerShot D10 delivers better image quality compared with its competitors, but its features could have been more robust. .”

Rating: ★★★½☆

DPInterface reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“I would recommend the Canon PowerShot D10 to anyone who needs a tough camera that can handle all the rigors of daily life (and more) thrown at it. Canon certainly did a lot of homework when they entered the rugged camera arena – the PowerShot D10 is a well-rounded camera in terms of design (no pun intended), performance and image quality output. The only big thing that may set you off is the D10’s size – compared to the pocketable competition, this thing is huge; and no, it doesn’t fit into your pants pocket..”
Rating: N/A

ePhotozine reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“From a photographers point of view, it doesn’t look too good with mild colour inavading at the lowest ISO80 setting. This doesn’t really change much until ISO400 where it becomes much more aggressive…. From a consumers view, the noise showing at the low settings won’t be an issue and you’ll really probably only get bothered by it over ISO400.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

CNET reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The good: Excellent photo quality; comfortable to use in water or with gloves. The bad: Poor design for an everyday camera, expensive for an occasional camera; kind of ugly; mixed performance. The bottom line: It might not look quite right, but the PowerShot D10 is a solid entry into rugged cameras for Canon.”
Rating: ★★★½☆ reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“Low light performance was well above average with no noise visible up to ISO 400. Noise began to appear at ISO 800 and at 1600 and, due to automatic noise-reduction processing, images looked noticeably softer than shots taken at low ISO settings. Our Imatest tests confirmed the loss of resolution at ISO 800 and above… “
Rating: ★★★½☆ reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The good: Good image quality; interchangeable front plates offer unique customization; good range of available accessories. The bad: Average feature set; bulky design may not appeal to everyone; strap mounts not universal. The bottom line: The PowerShot D10 delivers better image quality compared with its competitors, but its features could have been more robust. “
Rating: ★★★½☆

Engadget reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“All told, Canon’s PowerShot D10 is a stellar adventure camera. It’s more than just a waterproof camera that’s only marginally larger than a standard P&S, it’s a rugged, lightweight shooter that should suit most everyone but the professionals in attendance.”
Rating: N/A

TechRadar reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The Canon worked fine in freezing conditions, though the LCD display was more sluggish than at normal temperatures. Underwater, the D10 proved fine and the LCD’s wide angle of view will prove useful for close-ups at awkward angles. “
Rating: ★★★½☆ reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The Powershot D10 has a distinctive, fun look that means it will not get mistaken for any other digital camera. It has a number of robust features and is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof to varying degrees. It takes a good snap and is well worth a close look. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

ImagingResource reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“Canon PowerShot D10 is a unique, solid underwater digital camera with above-average depth capability, and resistance to freezing weather and impact. The interface is well-designed and familiar to existing Canon users. It’s also a kick to use in the water, and fun in any outdoor activity. Speed is good, about as fast as the average digital camera, and its video mode also works well above and below the water.”
Rating: N/A

TechTree reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The pictures we clicked were of average quality; at par with similar 12 MP cameras… I must say, color and skin tone reproduction of the D10 is quite good. Videos and images shot underwater were pleasing too, with the D10 exhibiting good noise suppression at ISO settings of 400 or higher; but images keep getting softer “
Rating: ★★★★☆

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“The design of the Canon PowerShot D10 is spot-on for a ruggedised camera. It feels good to use and, most importantly, it’s very easy to use. It takes clear photos but we wish it rendered them with more contrast. Pick it up if you’re after a ruggedised camera for snorkelling, or just to use while you hang around the pool.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Preview Video by DigitalRev;

DevHardware reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“As a camera for using in extreme conditions, the PowerShot D10 offers a lot, but in order to take advantage of this, users will have to settle for some compromises in terms of features and performance.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotographyBlog reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“A decent compact camera with a separate underwater housing would cost as much, if not more, than the PowerShot D10, and you wouldn’t get the other benefits or convenience either. The D10 will mostly appeal to the more active user, but is still a good bet simply for taking to the beach this summer.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon Powershot D10 and writes;
“Outdoors the D10 produces realistic photos that show good exposure and true colors. Images are nice and sharp in the center… On top of that, the D10 offers blazing fast performance, so you can be confident that you are going to capture that shot when you press the shutter button. “
Rating: N/A

User Opinions

Another Awesome Camera by Canon by Dan |Rating: ★★★★★
“I’ve had this camera for about a week and am very pleased with the results so far. It’s very easy to use and takes great pictures. I love the color adjustments available in the Program mode and I like the useful special scene modes. Colors seem true to life and resolution is excellent. It also starts up within about a second or less. I took one of my best pictures ever on Memorial Day and am looking forward to taking many more in the future. The only thing I really miss on this camera is a function to control the flash output (available on my older PowerShot A620) and a lenscap would have been nice.”

Very Good Camera by Nicholas | Rating: ★★★★★
“I ‘m vey impressed with this camera . It took prety sharp picture , vivid color . I also try some of Preset program : Portrait , Landscape, Kid & Pet , Night Snap Shot , Beach ,Sunset over all this camera did a great job that you can depend on . I’m also try to used manual white balance and P ( Self Setting ) . I’m bring this camera down about 5’ deep in the pool , the ocean and then use immediately over the water but the camera lense it still clear , no foggy or water spot . If you like outdoor activity and looking for a camera , I’m strongly recommend to get this camera..”

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Canon Powershot D10 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon Powershot D10 User Manual (PDF – 7.99 MB)


Canon Powershot D10 Features

For those with a taste for adventure, there’s a camera as bold as the active life you lead. It’s the Canon PowerShot D10. Waterproof, freeze-proof and shockproof; it’s tough enough to take what you dish out. Plus it’s got all the high performance features you expect from a Canon digital camera. You’ve got 12.1 megapixels of resolution plus all of Canon’s powerful, state of the art imaging technologies so you can capture your epic experiences in breathtaking color and awesome detail.

Take this camera anywhere: waterproof, cold resistant and shockproof

Life can take you almost anywhere. So Canon engineered a digital camera durable enough to go where you go and produce the kind of awe-inspiring images that will earn your respect. It’s the PowerShot D10 and it’s no ordinary digital camera. This unique camera is waterproof down to 33 feet so you can take it scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing. It’s freeze proof and can withstand extremes of temperature from 14-104 degrees (F) so it’s also ideal for snowboarding, mountaineering and more. Plus, it’s shockproof to 4 feet, so when the going gets rough, the D10 will keep going strong.
Canon PowerShot digital camera highlights

Unique accessories available such as customized straps and interchangeable faceplates

You’re always up for any challenge. So Canon designed the PowerShot D10 with a selection of versatile accessories (sold separately) that enable you to outfit the camera to meet the requirements of your next adventure. The customized strap is a perfect choice for those who want to have their camera within easy reach, yet keep their hands free. The Canon faceplates let you distinctively mark the camera as belonging to you alone. The carabiner hook offers you a handy way to securely suspend the D10 from a belt, backpack or diving harness.

A World of Advantages with Canon’s Technology

DIGIC 4 Image Processor has evolved Face Detection Technology that tracks the faces of moving subjects and lets the shooter enter the frame seamlessly with the Face Detection Self-Timer.

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

Canon’s most advanced image processor, DIGIC 4, delivers evolved Face Detection Technology that keeps every face in every photo looking its very best. The technology finds and tracks the faces of moving subjects until you’re ready to shoot, then delivers perfect focus. In addition, exposure, flash and white balance are compensated, so that faces exhibit natural skin tones and backgrounds are properly exposed.

iSAPS Technology is an entirely original scene-recognition technology developed for digital cameras by Canon. Using an internal database of thousands of different photos, iSAPS works with the advanced DIGIC 4 image processor to improve focus speed and accuracy, as well as exposure and white balance.

A Face Detection Self-Timer automatically detects an increase in the number of faces and makes the appropriate adjustments. For instance, to include the photographer’s face in a group shot, there’s no need to rush in. Just put the camera on a stand or tripod, specify Face Detection Self-Timer, and the camera will wait for the photographer’s face to get on-camera before it takes the shot. Motion Detection tracks moving subjects in a much larger range–allowing you to wait for the perfect shot without refocusing.

Intelligent Contrast Correction

DIGIC 4 also makes possible the i-Contrast (Intelligent Contrast Correction) system, which controls the compensation level in pixel units to brighten dark areas while leaving bright areas unchanged for better images where the main subject is dark, and more natural transition. The PowerShot D10 can even use i-Contrast in playback mode to adjust images that were shot without the setting activated.

Red-eye Correction provides three options for removing red-eye from subjects in flash pictures.

1) Red-eye Correction during shooting actually identifies and corrects red-eye in human subjects as pictures are taken.
2) The PowerShot D10 can be set to automatically detect and correct red-eye during image playback.
3) You can manually locate any red eyes in a scene during image playback on the LCD screen, and command the camera to remove them.

Life doesn’t give you second chances to capture special times.

That’s why the PowerShot D10 features ISO 1600 setting that reduces the effects of camera shake and sharpens subjects in low-light situations, giving you greater shooting flexibility. ISO can be expanded to 3200 when you select ISO 3200 Special Scene mode.

12.1 megapixels, plus 3x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilizer

With the PowerShot D10, dramatic, personal pictures have never been easier to shoot and share. This 12.1-megapixel camera lets you create impressively large photos of family and friends you’ll be proud to display. The high-resolution images taken by the D10 can be enlarged up to 13 x 19 inches.

The PowerShot D10 has a 3x optical zoom that gives you the power to shoot distant subjects with razor-sharp precision and stunning lifelike color.

The PowerShot D10 is equipped with Canon’s acclaimed Optical Image Stabilizer Technology that automatically detects and corrects camera shake–one of the leading causes of fuzzy or blurred shots. Even when zoomed in, you can get the steady, crisp, brilliant images you’ll be proud to shoot and share. And Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer Technology is so convenient to use. It functions perfectly with or without a flash.

Blink Detection

Nothing ruins a great picture more than having your subjects’ eyes closed. That’s why the PowerShot D10 is equipped with Blink Detection. If closed eyes are detected, a “blink warning” icon appears for 3 seconds, allowing you to retake the shot before your subject or subjects move on. Blink Detection provides you with extra assurance when capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments like planting the flag at the summit of the mountain.

Smart AUTO intelligently selects the proper settings

Just set the Canon PowerShot D10 to Smart AUTO and you’re ready for maximum enjoyment from your picture taking every time. It’s a relaxing and satisfying way to shoot because you can completely concentrate on your subject knowing that the camera has the technical details covered. Advanced Canon technology intelligently analyzes your situation and shooting conditions. Then it automatically selects an appropriate setting from 18 specially defined settings. So whether you’re photographing flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends at the park, you can be confident that you’re getting dramatic, memorable images.

Shooting Modes

Advanced presets for the best possible photos under certain conditions. With 19 Shooting Modes including 16 Special Scene Modes, you’re ready for whatever shot comes your way

What’s in the Box

* PowerShot D10 body
* Lithium-ion battery pack (NB-6L)
* Battery charger (CB-2LY)
* Wrist strap (WS-DC7)
* Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
* USB interface cable (IFC-400PCU)
* AV cable (AVC-DC400)

5 Responses to “Canon Powershot D10”

  1. Diyan says:

    I like Canon compact because it always stylish, but for the feature like waterproof i prefer Olympus 1030, and it is cheaper than D10.

  2. Manop says:

    This is the first waterproof Powershot, but Canon made it real good. D10’s style and performance equal or even exceed other waterproof cameras from Olympus or Nikon. I can’t wait to see how good the 2nd Powershot waterproofs.

  3. rohan says:

    Canon has launched the PowerShot D10, its first waterproof digital compact. It is claimed to be waterproof up to 10 meters, freeze proof up to -10 degrees, shockproof when dropped from a height of 1.22 meters and dust proof. In addition, there are a range of optional protective accessories available. The camera has a 12.1MP sensor, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5″ LCD, and includes Smart Auto Mode, Face Select & Track, Blink Detection and Face Self-timer. You can read review at :

  4. RGF says:

    Okay… this is freaking awesome for CANON Powershot D10 – also known as their (words here) PROOF camera…
    and this is no joke!
    I guess what they meant with waterproof is way beyond its exterior but also its internal mechanism.

    I’ve written a review before about this camera when i got this last year of june. And i totally loved it, we loved it.
    And another review after it got flooded.
    This is my 3rd review of this camera.

    We got this June 2009… Have been very useful in our nature trips both for taking underwater photos and videos… most esp. with salt/fresh water. We’ve used this in so many places which involves salt water!

    April 2010 — was about to use it for our night swimming at a workmate’s place.
    Was able to take 5 photos in the pool shower. While dipped in the pool, i tried to take shots, was able to take one shot in the pool and a short video, then it suddenly turned off… Bham! Wont turn on. Looking at it, screen and lens began to show waters in them, guessing water went in the A/V port seal, because when i checked all seals, its the one wet inside.
    When i got home, it got even more obvious, the water totally flooding the lens like it’s crying and so as the mists on its screen.

    So we bought a new D10 for me to be able to use for my upcoming spelunking/trekking trip in the highlands.
    My then BF now hubby, brother and I even kept it as a secret from my parents… =)))

    I left it in the **** for my brother to use *lucky him* and bought all possible protections for it in case they will use it underwater (dicapac — weird but i did bought a dicapac for my 2nd D10), and brought the flooded D10 to the US since it was ordered here.

    September 11, 2010 — was cleaning and rearranging stuffs at home… then i came across my flooded D10, no more water in the lens, and only got some few mists / fog on the screen but barely noticeable……it has been looking dry 2 months ago but its still dead each time i attempted turning on its power…
    *we have not thrown it yet coz we planned to return it to canon which we forgot to or we can just dissect it and play with it in the future *

    i know it’s broken, but i just want to mess with it this time, putting the battery on the camera and pushed the power button…

    Waaaaaaaaaah! — it turned on!
    I took my first shot ever since it got flooded…
    I had a decent one!

    And took more shots to test it…
    All photos turned out so fine and there’s no sign of weird markings that the flooding may have caused.
    Plus… its original canon battery, still has charge in it. The last time it was charged was April 2010, and it’s already September 2010. This is a wow for me and my husband!

    Now my concern is my camera’s accessories which i left in the **** with my brother having my 2nd and newer D10… case, strap, charger, and extra batts.

    It’s working like its never been flooded…

    This is a case of RESURRECTION!

    CANON i salute you and i love you!

    Imagine, my once dead Powershot D10 has revived life on its own!

    To CANON:
    if you want to see the before and after photos of my D10, feel free to email me for it. it’s even on my FB coz i was soooo happy about it and so astounded. I knew some people who had to bring their flooded D10’s in the repair centers and leave them there instead of having it repaired since the centers are asking for almost the same price to fix it…that’s nuts.. but hey… this is something you should check on your next waterproof camera, if you will be producing a new one. Test it for the same accident i had.
    Though i know people doesnt have 3-4 months to wait for it to completely dry up internally. Like us, we bought a 2nd D10.

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