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Canon PowerShot A700 is a point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 21.02.06), featuring a 6.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 6x Optical Zoom lens (35 – 210mm equivalent), a 2.5″LCD screen, measures 3.7 x 2.6 x 1.7″ (94.5 x 66.5 x 43.4mm), weighs 7.0 oz (200.0 g). It has 22 shooting modes and shoots at an ISO of up to 800 and has USB 2.0. It allows some in-camera editing and it’s running on 2 x AA Alkaline, NiMH Batteries. Canon PowerShot A700 will be available in stores from March 2006 with an estimated retail price of $349.99 USD.

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>> SAMPLE PICTURES (last update: 05.12.06)

Canon PowerShot A700 Sample Pictures @ DigicamReview
Canon PowerShot A700 Sample Pictures @ CamerasUK
Canon PowerShot A700 Sample Pictures @ ImagingResource
Canon PowerShot A700 Sample Pictures @ DCRP
Canon PowerShot A700 Sample Pictures @ Steve’sDigicams

>> REVIEWS (last update: 05.12.06)

DigicamReview reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
” I’ve been using the Canon Powershot A700 for nearly 6 months now and taken thousands of photos with it – this camera has consistently produced excellent results and been able to take great photos in every situation, including WWE shows! Image quality is excellent with great colours, and the 6x optical zoom lens is an excellent feature, especially as the camera is not much bigger than a lot of other 3x optical zoom lens cameras. If you want a good optical zoom, but don’t want the bulk normally associated with ultra zoom cameras, then the A700 (and A710 IS) is an excellent option. The camera only takes 2 AA batteries, yet battery life is still very good, and has the added bonus of allowing you to buy replacement batteries in any local shop, no matter where in the world you are. The manual white balance will let you get great macro photos, and full manual controls mean you can take some great night photos. The only thing missing from this camera is image stabilisation – thankfully Canon have released the A710 IS, and if it’s as good as the A700, then it’s bound to be excellent! The A700 is Highly Recommended! Although if you can’t find it anymore, then go out and buy an A710 IS.”

Digital Camera Review reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“I enjoyed using the A700. It’s a very easy camera to just carry around to pull out to grab a quick snapshot. The image quality is excellent and having the 6x optical zoom is, in my opinion, worth the extra $50 compared to the Canon Powershot A540. Flash performance (except for cycle time) was good and battery life was average, so make sure you carry a spare set of batteries. I would have liked to see more resolution in the LCD, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you’re looking for a digital camera that’s easy to use, takes great pictures, and has a little more zoom, I highly recommend the Canon Powershot A700.”

ePhotozine reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“The A700’s noise pattern in coarser than both the Finepix F30 and the Caplio R4, although the noise produced by the Canon is more neutral than the Ricoh. Both of these cameras are put to shame by the super-low noise levels of the Fuji, which has the best high ISO performance of the three.”

CamerasUK reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“The other indoor shot of beer bottles is taken in almost complete darkness. The result is excellent. Focusing once again is very good and lighting levels are handled well considering the conditions. For close up photography the macro shot is above average without being one of the very best. The image is sharp and clear. Finally the test shots taken using higher ISO settings are encouraging. Both the shots taken on the ISO 400 setting and the ISO 800 setting show a lot less deterioration in picture quality than I am used to seeing.”

ImagingResource reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“With the Canon A700, we found that it had enough resolution to make very crisp 8×10 inch prints. At 13×19, its prints were a bit softer looking, but perfectly adequate for wall or table display. At high ISO, image noise levels were held in check very well up to ISO 400, but the ISO 800 shots were quite a bit noisier. We think most consumers would be quite satisfied by the quality of 8×10 inch prints made from ISO 400 shots. At ISO 800, the images looked a little rough at 5×7 (but again, probably acceptable to most consumers), and fine at 4×6 inches.”

PopPhoto Magazine reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“The A700 is a just a tad bigger than the A540, but it can still fit in a large pocket. From an ergonmic point of view, it feels very comfortable in your hands. Like most models in the A-series, the controls are well placed throughout the body, all within the reach by either your thumb or index finger.A full 6x optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 35-210mm) delivers sharp, bright results that get the most out of every pixel. In a first and major coup for a 6x optical zoom digital compact camera of this class, the PowerShot A700 features a real-image optical viewfinder, allowing quick framing and precise manual focusing without having to view the LCD. “

Megapixel reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“The Canon PowerShot A700 offers one of best values for money that can be had today. It offers not only a high resolution, high quality image, but also a sharp 6X zoom, a large LCD monitor and a simple optical viewfinder for those times when either the monitor is hard to see, or power must be conserved. Moreover, it is equipped with all the most important and versatile shooting modes (P, Av, Tv and M) as well as automatic shooting modes that cover a good range of subjects.”

LetsGoDigital reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“The Canon A700 is a digital camera of superb quality, and its 6 Megapixel resolution more than suffices to make an enlargement or edit the image afterwards… May the results of our tests be clear. The remarks made about the slightly more negative sides of the Canon PowerShot A700 are generously outweighed – and even erased – by the camera’s strong points and assets. The Canon PowerShot A700 is an excellent digital camera with major potential. A camera that suits a very broad group of consumers, not to mention a perfect first step to a more advanced camera. Its compact size and light weight encourage the user to carry the camera along often. The Canon A700 evolved from a strong concept, and will without question continue the success of the Canon PowerShot A series digital cameras. “

DCRP reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“Camera performance was good in most areas. The A700 turns on quickly, focuses without much of a wait (it seemed faster than the A540), and shutter lag wasn’t a problem. Low light focusing was very good, thanks to the camera’s AF-assist lamp. Battery life was above average, with the A700 squeezing out 400 shots using two 2500 mAh NiMH batteries (using the CIPA standard). Photo quality was very good. The A700 took well-exposed photos with accurate color, low purple fringing, and reasonable noise levels. The A700’s 6 Megapixel sensor has pretty good ISO performance, allowing you to print 4 x 6’s through ISO 400. The ISO 800 isn’t terribly useful, though you may be able to squeeze out a smaller print after running the image through something like NeatImage. The one area in which the A700 ran into trouble was with regard to “redeye” in flash photos. “

CNET reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“We liked the Canon PowerShot A700’s images, which were very similar to those of the less expensive A540. Metering in both cameras sacrificed detail in highlights in order to preserve detail in shadows, both had well-saturated colors, and neither had much noticeable purple fringing. The A700 produced slightly more neutral flesh tones than did the A540, plus its automatic white-balance systems kept colors pure under both daylight and incandescent light.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 and wrote;
“Noise is nonexistent at the lower ISO settings (80 or 100), but does become more noticeable as the sensitivity is increased. While ISO 800 is filled with visible imager noise, I feel the ability to use higher than normal shutter speeds in marginal lighting conditions makes up for the decrease in image quality. ..Bottom line – The Canon PowerShot A700 is an awesome consumer digital camera. One that I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a fair priced model with loads of user friendly features and outstanding image quality and performance. Its 6x optical zoom will blow away the competition’s typical 3x zoom, and with 6-megapixels, you can create beautiful 13×19-inch or larger prints. “


– Download Canon PowerShot A700 User Manual Basic (PDF – 831KB)
– Download Canon PowerShot A700 User Manual Advanced (PDF – 2.14MB)


Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 21 February 2006: Canon today releases two new PowerShot cameras that combine ease of use with creative flexibility – the PowerShot A700 and PowerShot A540. The 6.0 Megapixel PowerShot A700 defines a new level of performance for the A-series range with a 6x optical zoom lens featuring a real-image optical viewfinder. The PowerShot A540 delivers 6.0 Megapixel resolution and a high performance 4x optical zoom lens. Both cameras feature an extensive range of creative shooting modes and are compatible with optional converter lenses for extended versatility.

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