Canon PowerShot A700 – Review @ Steve’sDigicams

Steve’sDigicams has recently posted its in-depth review of Canon PowerShot A700, a 6.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) point-and-shoot digital camera with 6x Optical Zoom lens (35 – 210mm equivalent) and a 2.5″LCD screen.


“Noise is nonexistent at the lower ISO settings (80 or 100), but does become more noticeable as the sensitivity is increased. While ISO 800 is filled with visible imager noise, I feel the ability to use higher than normal shutter speeds in marginal lighting conditions makes up for the decrease in image quality. ..Bottom line – The Canon PowerShot A700 is an awesome consumer digital camera. One that I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a fair priced model with loads of user friendly features and outstanding image quality and performance. Its 6x optical zoom will blow away the competition’s typical 3x zoom, and with 6-megapixels, you can create beautiful 13×19-inch or larger prints. “

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