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The Canon PowerShot A570IS (announced: 22 February’07) is the latest Canon digital point-and-shoot camera announced on on the 22nd of February 2007 features 7.1 million effective pixel, DIGIC III processors, 4x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 35-140mm) with image stabilizer, Face Detection Technology, ISO 1600 and a 2.5-inch LCD screen.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Canon PowerShot A570 IS Reviews

Cameras.UK reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“I was able to take a single photo in 0.33 seconds and five photos in 8.02 seconds. These are acceptable times.. The Canon Powershot A570 IS scored well in all of my tests. Picture quality is some way above average especially for a camera in this price bracket. It also has a range of features you are unlikely to find in many other cameras for the same price. Recommended.”
Rating: ★★★★½

DigitalCameraReview reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“Canon might be marketing this camera to “family photographers”, but the A570 IS should appeal to a much wider range of shooters. With great image and color quality, image stabilization, excellent shutter lag and continuous shooting capability, manual controls and versatile “auto” performance, this camera can ably serve a novice who never leaves the “auto” setting or provide a learning tool for someone looking to get some manual experience before possibly jumping into the DSLR world.”
Rating: N/A

DigitalCameraInfo reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“However, for just over $200, the PowerShot A570IS is a bargain for casual users, who will benefit from its hefty feature set… It’s less likely that the A570IS’s other advances – a 7.1-megapixel sensor and a high-end ISO of 1600 – will help users as much, though their inclusion, coupled with the camera’s manual controls and exceptional color performance, make the A570IS an unusual bargain at its price.”
Rating: N/A

TrustedReviews reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“With the PowerShot A570 IS Canon continues what is arguably the best value series of mid-range enthusiast’s cameras on the market. Performance, build quality and design are up to Canon’s usual high standard, it has a wider range of features than anything else at its price point, and produces good results in a wide range of lighting conditions. It is an ideal camera for anyone keen to learn, and is capable of real creative photography.”
Rating: ★★★★½

ImagingResource reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“Operation is straightforward once you learn Canon’s hierarchy of controls, but I was delighted to see a programmable Print/Share button on the A570 IS. That made up a little for the stiff Mode dial. And, who knows, if you keep changing how you define the button, you may qualify to work for Canon’s user interface group. From the optical viewfinder to the manual modes, whenever I looked for a feature a photographer would appreciate, I found it on the A570 IS. There isn’t the gaudy LCD (with no room for a viewfinder) or extravagant zoom range (with big compromises in optical quality) or any of the frills (frames, in-camera presentations) of many less capable digicams. But if you want a compact digicam that can take pictures like a real camera, this is an easy Dave’s Pick.”
Rating: N/A

DCRP reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“The PowerShot A570 has the same high quality movie mode as Canon’s other DIGIC III based cameras. You can record video at 640 x 480 (30 fps) with sound until the file size hits 4GB. That takes about 32 minutes, which is pretty good these days. Do note that you will need a high speed memory card in order to record long continuous movie clips…The PowerShot A570 IS is the definition of an excellent value. It’s packed with virtually every desirable feature, from image stabilization to manual controls to conversion lens support. And you don’t have to pay through the nose for it, either — it can be found for well under $250. I can highly recommend the A570, whether you’re a beginning or more experienced photographer.”
Rating: N/A

LetsGoDigital reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“The image quality of the Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera is great. The colours are saturated and appear natural. The saturation is a bit strong for my taste, but that is a personal preference. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS may not perform perfectly in extreme artificial lighting, but a simple white balance correction will resolve this problem immediately. The images are rich in detail, and even very high contrast situations are no problem. Canon can improve by reducing the amount of noise for high ISO speeds. The competitor (see Fujifilm) demonstrates that 800 and 1600 ISO should no longer be a problem, and this is where Canon fails slightly. The noise values are fine up until 400 ISO, but at 800 and 1600, they are pushing it.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“Bottom line – like it’s brother (A560), I was very happy with the Canon PowerShot A570 IS. With 7-megapixels of resolution, a 4x image stabilized optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD, great movie mode, awesome image quality, and loads of useful exposure modes, the A570 is sure to be a very popular model for 2007. At US$279 or less (4/2007), it’s only about $50 more than the A560, which we feel is well worth the added versatility of this new model. That said, the A570 will make an excellent choice for anyone who wants a capable, yet compact and affordable 7-meagpixel digicam. ”
Rating: N/A

PhotoReview reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“Digital zoom shots were outstanding for the camera’s resolution and zoom range. Close-ups were also quite impressive, thanks to a macro focus range that extends down to 5 cm. Flash performance was better than average as the camera produced well-balanced images at all ISO settings from 100 to 1600 and only slight under-exposure at ISO 80….Overall, the PowerShot A570 IS provides a huge range of controls and functions for its price. It’s a camera family users can ‘grow with’ and, despite some reservations about image noise, some slow response times and poor auto white balance performance under incandescent light, we think buyers would be hard-pressed to find a digicam that offers so many advantages for the money. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

CNET reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS (rating: 7.6/10) and writes;
“Image quality was impressive, especially at lower ISOs, though we noticed some slight artifacts even at the camera’s lowest sensitivity of ISO 80, which seemed to become exacerbated by the noise caused by higher ISOs. Still, colors looked accurate, there was plenty of shadow detail, and our images turned out very sharp.. The bottom line: Despite excessive noise at higher ISOs, Canon’s A570 IS offers an excellent value and an impressive feature set in its category.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“The A570IS follows the standard PowerShot design, with a slightly chunky, jutting hand grip and a silver plastic body. It isn’t the sturdiest unit we’ve seen, as there is little metal in the construction, but it should survive some rough treatment. The controls and interface will be familiar for regular Canon users, with a five-way directional pad used to navigate the two separate menus; one for picture options (ISO, white balance etc) and one for everything else (format, reset etc). The controls are a little cramped for our liking, but they shouldn’t pose too many problems. Measuring 89.5mm x 64.3mm x 42.8mm and weighing 175g, the A570IS is a little smaller than some previous PowerShot models.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Ken Rockwell reviews the Canon PowerShot A570IS and writes;
“This is a nice camera, but not much less expensive than the tiny SD700 I prefer and use personally. For most people the slimmer and smaller SD700 or SD800 are better cameras because of their better batteries and flash systems. The A570 eats AA batteries if you use it much, the others include a tiny rechargeable battery that runs forever with a charger. Get the A570 if you need to run on AA batteries. If you’re on a budget, you can get the same image quality if you can forgo image stabilization and the big LCD screen with the $199 A550. ”
Rating: N/A

Canon PowerShot A570 IS Samples

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Canon PowerShot A570IS Sample Photos @ DCRP
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Canon PowerShot A570IS Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams

Canon PowerShot A570 IS User Manuals (PDF)

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– Download Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera User Guide Basic (PDF, 1.54 MB)
– Download Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera User Guide Advanced (PDF, 6.78 MB)
– Download Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera System Map (PDF, 464 KB)

Canon PowerShot A570 IS Press Release

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 22 February, 2007: Canon today announces the launch of the PowerShot A570 IS and PowerShot A560, two 7.1 Megapixel additions to Canon’s PowerShot A-Series range of affordable, family friendly cameras. The cameras are powered by DIGIC III, which introduces Face Detection Technology, automatic Red-Eye Correction in Playback and ISO 1600 to the PowerShot A-Series for the first time.

The PowerShot A560, a direct replacement for the popular PowerShot A540, features a full set of automatic functions for intuitive ease of use. The PowerShot A570 IS adds an optical Image Stabilizer to the lens, full manual control and a comprehensive range of accessories, giving users the choice to simply ‘point and shoot’ or explore the creative side of photography.

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