Canon PowerShot A550

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The Canon PowerShot A550 which released on February 2007 features 7.1 Megapixels, a 4x Optical Zoom Lens, an ISO 800, and a 2.0″ LCD Screen. The camera is measuring in at 91 x 64 x 43 mm (3.6 x 2.5 x 1.7 in), weighing 210 g (7.4 oz) and running on 2x AA batteries.

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Canon PowerShot A550 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A550 Video Review by TigerDirect

GoodGearGude reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“n our final test for image noise, the A550 also impressed with a low score of .70% at ISO 100. Most entry-level compact cameras score closer to .9%, so this is a great result. We saw no signs of noise in our test shots; everything was smooth and clean. The noise scaled about as we expected with higher sensitivities, and even at ISO 400 the shots were quite useable…. Another great compact camera from Canon, the PowerShot A550 won’t compare to some more high-end units, but considering the price tag and the features on offer, it’s an excellent value-for-money product.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DigitalCameraInfo reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“…it can take a picture when you want, where you want, and how you want. It doesn’t have much shutter lag, has a 4x optical zoom lens to get closer to subjects, a decent burst mode for action sequences, and is small enough to be toted around. Sure, the A550 has its drawbacks – but most seem to be connected to the price tag. The poor LCD resolution and boring design are shortcuts Canon took to be able to provide a standard digital camera for $199. With that in mind, the PowerShot A550’s pictures aren’t going to blow anyone away, but it will serve basic point-and-shooters just fine. “

DigicamReview reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“The sensor, electronics and optics used by Canon can produce good images…Colours are rich and in a very wide range of situations the camera will take sharp, detailed pictures…The Canon Powershot A550 7.1 megapixel digital camera with a 4x optical zoom lens and a 2” display is not especially exciting, but it does its job well in a very wide range of situations. The camera has a good range (ISO 80-800) of ISO settings. It has excellent responsiveness and a good selection of manual options, and is capable of taking good photos. The Canon PowerShot A550 is well worth considering – there are very few digital cameras that offer these options and features at this price. “

ITReviews reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“Leaving everything on automatic produces very respectable shots. The nine-point auto-focus works well, as does the camera’s macro mode which will focus down to 50mm… This is a well-featured, compact digital camera at just a touch over £100. It’s easy to use as a first-time digital compact, but has the specification to stay with you until you reach enthusiast level. It’s crying out for a higher-capacity memory card, though, and still needs work on its control buttons.”

CamerasUK reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“If one of the primary features you are looking for is ease of use then I would suggest looking elsewhere. The Powershot A550 is not desperately difficult to use, but there are easier digital cameras out there. I would suggest being prepared to spend at least a small amount of time either reading the manual of experimenting with the camera to get the most out of it….Although one of the slightly more expensive entry level digital cameras the Canon Powershot A550 is well worth the extra money. When it comes to picture quality it has the edge over all the other cameras I have reviewed to date in this category. Recommended.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DCRP reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“The Canon PowerShot A550 is a very good entry-level digital camera, and one that I can recommend easily. I’m going to do something a little unusual, though: I’m going to recommend that you pay $30 more for its big brother, the PowerShot A560. Why? For the speed and improved photo quality of the DIGIC III processor, a larger/sharper LCD, longer movie record times, and a tool that ends the annoying redeye problem that has plagued the A-series cameras for some time. Whichever camera you end up choosing, you’ll get a well designed body, good photo quality, and plenty of point-and-shoot features (with a few manual controls thrown in for good measure)…Photo quality was also good. The PowerShot A550 took well-exposed photos (most of the time) with accurate and saturated colors, pleasing sharpness, and minimal purple fringing. Noise levels are low through ISO 400 in good light, though I’d stop at ISO 200 in low light conditions. “

PCMag reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“Overall, for an inexpensive digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A550 is a solid choice, although the Kodak EasyShare C875 edges it out with an inventive “smart” auto mode and speedier performance. For real power and control in a compact camera, reach for the Canon PowerShot A630. …Bottom Line: As an inexpensive point-and-shoot, the Canon PowerShot A550 isn’t perfect, but it delivers quality shots and good performance.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Pocket-Lint reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“The Canon PowerShot A550 has enough resolution and that’s it, enough. Any more and the noise issues would overwhelm the otherwise nice performance and prevent some reasonably large prints from being made. Noise is ugly at higher ISOs but the camera’s nice lens (but with odd barrel distortion effects) holds detail and because the noise processing is less at the lower ISOs the camera manages to hold onto that detail – for the most part at least. In short for a little under £170 you’re getting a camera with plenty of bang for your buck and as such it is certainly worth a closer look if your in the market for a neat “family” snapper.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Ken Rockwell reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“It’s wonderful. It’s as sharp as it can get with a 7MP sensor. See the above full image, and a crop from it at 100% magnification, which would be 30 x 24” (90 x 60 cm) at this screen size. It’s sharp! It’s better than some more expensive cameras, like the SD800. The A550 is always sharp, while other cameras like the SD800 are soft in the corners at the wide settings. The super-compact cameras I love trade a little bit of optical quality for super-compact lens size. “

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes;
“The image quality of the 7-megapixel Large/SuperFine images is impressive, especially when you consider this camera’s affordable price tag…Overall, I found our videos were nice, with good exposure and minimal compression artifacts. Just be sure you have a large SD card, the 640×480 30fps mode consumes about 1.9MB per second!
..Canon’s PowerShot A550 has a lot to offer. With robust performance, great image quality, easy to use exposure modes, 7-megapixels of resolution, a 4x optical zoom lens, and great ergonomics, the A550 is sure to be a very popular model for 2007. The A550 won’t hurt the pocket book either, with a “sweet” price tag of US$199 or less!”

CNET have reviewed the Canon PowerShot A550 and write;
“Photos looked pretty good, though they’re marred by overprocessing and fringing in spots. Colors reproduce well, though indoor photos shot with automatic white balance come out very yellow, a common problem for most snapshot cameras. Noise is low up to ISO 400 sensitivity, where a fine grain starts to appear. Images are predictably noisy at ISO 800 sensitivity, with speckling damaging fine details and softening colors. ISO 800 is usually reserved for low-light and high-speed shooting, and everyday snapshots shouldn’t have many problems. ”
Rating: ★★★½☆

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Canon PowerShot A550 Samples

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Canon PowerShot A550 User Manuals (PDF)

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– Download Canon PowerShot A550 Camera User Manual Basic
– Download Canon PowerShot A550 Camera User Manual Advanced
– Download Direct Print User Guide
– Download ZoomBrowser EX 5.8 Software User Guide
– Download ImageBrowser 5.8 Software User Guide
– Download Canon PowerShot A550 System Map

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Canon PowerShot A550 Press Release

* 7.1 Megapixel
* Canon 4x optical zoom lens.
* DiG!C II Imaging Processor delivers superior digital photos.
* 2.0″ LCD Screen
* Movie recording and playback with sound.
* Print/Share* Button allows easy ‘one push

Boasting a powerful Canon 4x optical zoom lens and Canon’s intuitive DiG!C II processor, the 7.1MP PowerShot A550 delivers simply better pictures. With a versatile range of shooting modes, you can capture it all, from family photos to travel snaps. And best of all, these compact cameras are easy to use. Thanks to the Canon Print/Share* Button, true to life photo prints straight from the camera are a snap. Packed with features within a compact body, the PowerShot A550 makes it easy to take digital photography further.


– 7.1 Megapixel CCD delivers photo quality prints up to A3 size and beyond.
– Canon 4x retractable zoom lens (35mm equivalent 35mm-140mm).
– High speed start-up, fast autofocus, smooth continuous shooting, faster overall processing and superior image quality thanks to the revolutionary DiG!C II Imaging Processor.


– A comprehensive range of shooting modes, from complete control to full auto, including pre-set scene modes customised for Night Snapshot, Kids & Pets, Indoor, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks.
– High-precision white balance inc. Auto, a range of pre-set modes and a custom setting.
– Wide range of ISO-Equivalent speed settings (Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800).
– Versatile optional dedicated accessories including a High power Flash HF-DC1

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