Canon PowerShot A530 – Review Roundup & Sample Photos

Last update: Review & Sample Photos @ KenRockwell (added on 14.11.06)

Canon PowerShot A530 is a point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 21.02.06), featuring a 5.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 4x Optical Zoom lens (35-140mm equivalent), a 1.8″ LCD screen, measures 3.6 x 2.5 x 1.7″ (90.4 x 64.0 x 43.2mm), weighs 5.9 oz (170.0 g), and it’s running on 2 x AA Alkaline, NiMH Batteries. Canon PowerShot A530 will be available in stores from march 2006 with an estimated retail price of $299.99.USD.


Canon PowerShot A530 Latest Price & User Opinions

>> REVIEWS (last update: 14.11.06)

KenRockwell reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“Sharpness: It’s great in the center and left side, and soft on the right side at the wide end. This isn’t a big deal – I have to go out of my way to find subjects that require sharpness in the corners. These are subjective ratings, E – VG – G – F – P, made at 100% on my LCD monitor. These are tough, since this magnification would print at 18 x 24″ (45 x 60 cm) !”

DPInterface reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“ISO 80 is clean and sharp to begin with and noise doesn’t go up significantly till ISO 200. At ISO 400, noise is fairly visible but things sure look good enough for medium sized prints. ISO 800 is strictly for small prints and display since noise is obvious. Chromatic aberration (color fringing) was not a problem. Barrel distortion is a little noticeable while pincushion distortion is not. Color accuracy was good and you can turn things like saturation down should the camera confuse colors…”

DigitalCameraReview reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“The Canon PowerShot A530 is a capable digital camera with a respectable zoom range. It is a good choice for a traveler both in size and power source as AA/LR6 batteries are readily available almost anywhere. Canon’s choice of the SD/MMC memory card format is also a pleasant standardization. Pros: Handling, Extensive Menu Options, Optical Viewfinder. Cons: Smallish LCD screen, Manual Mode Limitations”

CamerasUK reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“You may wish to use higher ISO levels in lowlight when you are unable to use flash. To be honest this is an area where digital cameras are still capable of making a big improvement. The Powershot A530 produces standard quality shots at ISO 400 and 800. There is defiantly a loss of quality in the photos, but if there are no other options allowing you to take the picture then this will be the best you can do. “

CNET reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“Photos fared better, although here too the A530 had a few problems. At low ISO-sensitivity settings, the camera produced very strong images with little noise, accurate color and exposure, and a low incidence of chromatic aberration. By ISO 400, the noise became quite apparent; beyond that, photos reached the better-than-nothing stage.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Canon PowerShot A530 and wrote;
“Image quality is one of the most important aspects of a digital camera when considering a purchase, and the A530 won’t disappoint. When using its Large SuperFine quality settings, it produces sharp, well exposed images with good color saturation. I noticed very little edge softening and when shooting outdoors the exposure system did very well, capturing beautiful sky detail. Noise levels were very low when using ISO 80 and 100. As the ISO sensitivity increases, so does the noise; a common problem with almost all consumer cameras. Unlike the usual cut off at ISO 400, the A530 (and 540) allow you to use an ISO speed as high as 800. This will allow the use of higher shutter speeds in marginal lighting conditions, which helps reduce the effects of camera shake (blurring.) While noise levels are very noticeable at ISO 400 and 800, I still feel the usefulness of being able to capture images when you just can’t use the flash is much more important. Sure you don’t want to make large prints with these images, but your typical 4×6’s will still be usable.”

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last update: 20.08.06)

Canon PowerShot A530 Sample Pictures @ DPInterface
Canon PowerShot A530 Sample Pictures @ Steve’sDigicams


The heir apparent to 2005’s enormously popular PowerShot A510 digital camera, the new PowerShot A530 model features a five-megapixel CCD image sensor, the faster 80-800 ISO equivalent speed setting range and the same 4x retractable optical zoom lens with a focal length of 35-140mm (35mm equivalent) as the PowerShot A540 model. The PowerShot A530 digital camera features a 1.8-inch 115,000-pixel LCD screen and will be available in March for an estimated selling price of $229.99.

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