Canon PowerShot A470

The new camera:

* PowerShot A470 – 7.1 Megapixels, 3.4x zoom, 2.5” LCD and four colour variations (Red, Blue, Green, Silver)

Ultimate blur solution With new Motion Detection Technology and the optical Image Stabilizer lens, Canon provides a comprehensive and intelligent solution to blur. Activated in High ISO Auto mode, Motion Detection Technology takes information from multiple sources – Face Detection Technology, scene brightness, subject movement and the optical Image Stabilizer (where available) – to assess camera or subject movement. It then calculates the minimum boost in ISO levels (between ISO 80-800) necessary to compensate for that motion. The wide range of inputs and precision of the Motion Detection algorithms ensure that Canon’s system avoids trading reduced blur for an unnecessary increase in image noise.

Exceptional Face Detection Technology Face Detection White Balance and Face Select & Track are included in all four models, enhancing portraits and people shots taken in a wide range of situations. Face Detection White Balance sets the white balance for the face detection frame, in addition to the focus, exposure and flash set by previous versions of Face Detection. The result is portraits with natural skin tones, in all environments whether lit by artificial, natural, or mixed light sources. Face Select & Track follows a user-selected face around the frame, ensuring that the best results are achieved at the moment the photographer shoots. Red-Eye Correction is enhanced for 2008. In addition to Red-Eye Correction in playback, each of the models now features automatic Red-Eye Correction in shooting. Auto Red-Eye Correction detects and removes red-eye as the user shoots, for natural, red-eye free images.

Enhanced Auto Focus New AF Point Zoom allows the photographer to magnify the AF frame when the shutter button is pressed half way, so that facial expressions can be checked before shooting. AF performance in low light has been significantly improved to achieve focus in scenes at around one stop darker, so that users can now take excellent shots in low-light conditions where they would have been unobtainable before.

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3 Responses to “Canon PowerShot A470”

  1. hari prasad yadav says:

    plz i have to need

  2. Farhad says:

    A superb camera at a great price. Perfect for taking quick snaps. Took it with me last year on holiday and got 2GB worth of fantastic hi-res, clear pictures.

  3. danny says:

    tengo la camara canon A470, es muy buena. Sin embargo cuando la compre grababa en alta resolución (los megapixeles eran mayores), ahora no se que movió mi primo que los megapixeles se han reducido (sólo sale una pantalla pequeña) y esto se refleja en la panatalla de mi PC, antes salía con muy buena resolución ahora se ve pixeleado cuando la quiero agrandar.

    Alguien sabe que debo hacer…?

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