Canon Gadget Bag 10EG

Canon Gadget Bag 10EG is camera bag to hold two 35mm SLR bodies, 5 – 8 lenses, plus film and accessories. The bag features full padding and interior partitions, leather reinforcing, high strength quick-release buckles, padded exterior pockets, leather snap handle and shoulder strap. The Canon Gadget Bag 10EG has measures 10.5″ (W) x 8″(H) x 7.5″ (D) and weighs 4 pounds.

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User Opinions

Canon Gadget Bag 10EG User Reviews

Enough Space for every gadget
“I bought the smaller version of this bag, but I rapidly outgrew it. In search for a bag that would hold my ever growing list of gadgets I narrowed it down to the 10EG. What helped me choose was that since I already owned the smaller version, I knew the good quality of the bag and how well it protect my gear traveling around. With this new bag, now I feel I dont have enough gagdets to fit in it. It is really spacious but not bulky. In my last trip I fit in an SLR body with a stadard lense, an 80-300 zoom lense, both with hoods; four filters with cases; a lupe, extra batteries, a digital cammera with all the accesories and charger, a camcorder with accesories and charger. It all fit in nicely.” – By A Customer
Rating: ★★★★★

Better Than I Expected
“To my delight ,the product is much nicer and sturdier than I expected. Several people questioned why I would spend the extra $ when I could find something less expensive. I definetly would promote this bag to anyone considering the purchase. The bag is divided perfectly to fit all the lens and extras.” – By K. Wheeler
Rating: ★★★★★

Canon Bag 10 EG
“This bag holds the 40D and the 200mm with the power grip attached with plenty of room left. I was able to also put in 3 other Canon lenses, a 15mm, 28mm, and an 85mm with the 40D with power grip and 200mm lens attached. I don’t keep these lenses in the bag all the time, I just wanted to see what could fit in it. You customize the bag yourself as best you can for what stuff you need to put in it. I took out all the padded inserts at first, and position them in the bag as needed. Right now I am only using one insert.” – By C. Hunt
Rating: ★★★★★

Canon SLR Gaget Bag
“After ordering the Canon Gaget Bag from AMAZON, I was happy to receive it so promptly! I am also very pleased with the camera bag. Since I do not like the top flap attachments most camera bags seem to use, I like the snap located on the front of this bag. It is roomy, well made, and reasonably priced. I would recommend this bag to others.” – By Robert B. Prather
Rating: ★★★★★

The Big Bag
“Great gadget bag! For once everything fits… extra batteries, battery chargers, memory chips, small tripod etc. I don’t have to leave anything behind, anymore. I even have room to pack an extra small camera and accessories! Bag comes with side pockets, a waist belt and straps on the bottom in case you want to attach more stuff! I also have a smaller version which I am happy with. This influenced my decision to purchase the bigger version.” – By Kristen Ford
Rating: ★★★★★

Super nice bag
“As long as you know you won’t fit 2 bodies and 8 lenses in this, you’ll be fine : ) Super good construction, think padding, high quality metal latches, great materials all around. Has two straps on the bottom to secure a tripod. I’d personally prefer the tripod attached to the back instead of the bottom, but it’s not a big issue. I couldn’t be happier with it. The hardest part is deciding how you want to arrange all your stuff inside.” – By Dave
Rating: ★★★★★

The Perfect Bag for a Rebel-Based Camera System
“My own Rebel T2i system will in the end consist of four lenses. (I presently own three of these) Since I use the Rebel for quick grab-it-when-you-can shooting I placed the body – grip and 18-55 zoom attached – centered in the bag with the back of the camera rearward so it rest against my hip. My 55-250 lens sits in one upper corner, my 60 2.8 Macro in the other. Both are held in place by a single affixed divider curved around the lens. Smaller dividers create two more protected zones left and right of the camera body. One of these will hold the 10-22 zoom when I get it, the other (possibly) a small flash.” – By Duckman
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Canon Gadget Bag 10EG Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Canon Gadget Bag 10EG Features & Specifications

The Canon Gadget Bag 10EG is a water repellent bag that holds 2 SLR cameras and 5-8 lenses with room for accessories. It has full padding and interior partitions, leather reinforcing, high strength quick-release buckles, padded exterior pockets, leather snap handle and shoulder strap.

* Water repellent Nylon camera bag

* Fully padded interior and interior partitions

* 1 Large padded front pocket
* 2 Padded side pockets
* Zippered full-length mesh pouch inside top cover
* Tripod straps on front of case
* Carried by shoulder strap or leather snap handle

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