Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison

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Which would you buy for your second professional camera the Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600? It won’t be a difficult or easy decision if you know the differences of advantages from each camera and also the experience reviews by experts or user. Both of the cameras offer superior features to meet the needs of professional photographers. Canon EOS 6D is superior in built-in connectivity, weight, ISO range (both native and extended), and in overall approximate price, while the Nikon D600 offers better shooting speed, autofocus, shutter life, storage, resolution, and viewfinder coverage.

Canon EOS 6D Latest Price Info| Nikon D600 Latest Price Info
Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison Reviews

Techradar compares the Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 and writes;
“Nikon has a more advanced camera on its hands, with the greater number of AF points, clean HDMI output and 100% viewfinder coverage. The Nikon D600 is likely to appeal both to newcomers to full-frame cameras and those looking for a second camera in a Nikon D800 or D4 setup. On the other hand, the Canon EOS 6D is arguably more beginner friendly, especially with the inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality.”
rating: N/A

Digitalrev compares the Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 and writes;
“To be honest, I think with the oversimplified AF system of the 6D, Canon has very much marginalized the 6D to be a second camera to complement a good APS-C camera such as the 7D.. However, the D600 seems to have much more going for it as a standalone product. The AF will feel good and so what if you don’t have a high ISO that allows you to “paparazzi” in the night… you can get over it eventually with all the other fun you can have with the Nikon D600.”
rating: N/A

Digitalcamerainfo compares the Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 and writes;
“The Nikon has the clear advantage in speed and autofocus functionality, but suffers with regard to low-light sensitivity. The Canon body didn’t feel as nice as we were hoping, based on our time with the Canon 7D and 5D Mark III, but it offered far better single-handed control. The Nikon also offers dual SD card slots, compared to just one on the Canon.”
rating: N/A

CNET compares the Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 and writes;
“Overall (and before any testing), it looks like the 6D’s advantages over the 600D include the built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, more dim-light sensitive autofocus, support for time code in movies, and the use of the same advanced movie codecs as the 5DM3. Nikon, on the other hand, has a 100 percent coverage viewfinder, better-rated burst speed, a more weather-friendly build and durable shutter, a headphone jack, dual SD card slots, a slightly larger LCD, and a cheaper kit.”
rating: N/A

PCWorld compares the Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 and writes;
“It’s a very close match. The D600 pulls ahead on shooting speed, autofocus, shutter life, storage, resolution, and viewfinder coverage. The EOS 6D is clearly superior in built-in connectivity, weight, ISO range (both native and extended) and in overall approximate price.”
rating: N/A

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Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison Reviews

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Review Video By ArtoftheImage

User Opinions

Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison User Reviews

Canon EOS 6D User Reviews

A small, capable, conservative full-frame DSLR ideal for new buyers
“STILLS IMAGE QUALITY: Excellent. Per-pixel sharpness is very high and superior to crop bodies– par for the course for a full-frame sensor near this pixel density. Dynamic range is similar to the 5D II and 5D III. Noise performance in raw is a third-stop better than the 5D III and about one stop ahead of the 5D II.” – By D. Alexander
Rating: ★★★★★

6D vs 5D Mark III and Nikon D600
“After spending the night taking several comparison photos at ISO 3200 F4 1/125, 6400 F4 1/500, 12800 F4 1/250 and 25600 F4 1/1000, here is my conclusion. Photoshop enlarged at 350% shows the 6D has about a one stop advantage over the 5D Mark III and 1-1/2 stop over the Nikon D600. That did not come as a surprise since the 6D has the lowest resolution among the 3 DSLR.” – By E. Lin
Rating: ★★★★★

1st day impression review
“They image quality is superb, and low light is what you would expect from a full frame camera. The Af is disappointing if you are coming from a 7d and is similar to the Af on the old 5d mark II. Canon could have just put the same AF system as the 7D in here and this camera would be a must buy.” – By Chao Lee
Rating: ★★★★☆

Nikon D600 User Reviews

Super Sharp with Beautiful, Rich colors and details! Recipe for Stunning Images
“In my experience, with little tweaking here and there, I was able to produce images that were Super Sharp with Beautiful, Rich Colors and details! D600, in my honest opinion, is the simplest recipe for Stunning Images!! A picture is worth a thousand words.” – By M. Rahman
Rating: ★★★★★

Wonderful Upgrade to FX at a reasonable price
“After having shooting the great D7K for 2 years I decided to take the plunge into full frame. I am very happy. After a thorough comparison of DX vs FX I can say that I am glad I took the plunge. AF is fast & accurate and the high ISO capabilities of the D600 are incredible. Colors, tonality and DOF all add just a little more pop to my pictures. Wonderful camera!” – By R. Linnell
Rating: ★★★★★

Amazing camera
“it’s a bit smaller than other Full frame camera, but it is built well and to me doesn’t seem very flimsy. It has good ergonomics for my hands and supposedly Nikon said it is weather sealed, and since I do have it in hand, it does seem very durable. Price is very affordable with all the great features everyone expected. Thus,worth the purchase.” – By dmac
Rating: ★★★★★

Fantastic images, familiar feel
“Moving from the D7000 to the D600 has been very easy. Menus, buttons, and ergonomics, are very very similar. Images are simply stunning. I have always manually controlled my ISO setting to keep low and avoid noise. There were the rare times that I would select U2 mode and allow the camera to auto adjust ISO just to keep shutter speed high and avoid the risk of not getting the shot.” – By M. Constantine
Rating: ★★★★★

Simply Awesome
“I felt that spending almost $1000 more for the D800, although important for some people, was too much for us. 36 MP made the file sizes HUGE as well!. The D600 is the best choice and a wonderful performer, even at high ISO. The photos taken with this camera are absolutely wonderful.” – By Joel Green
Rating: ★★★★★

D300 User’s First Impressions
“I also love that there is an AUTO setting for the minimum shutter speed setting for the AUTO ISO setting (this may be nothing new but it’s new to me). For example, when I have my lens set at 24mm, it chooses a minimum shutter speed of 1/25, and when I’m zoomed to 120mm, it chooses 1/125 as the minimum shutter speed. I love it!” – By RC
Rating: ★★★★★

Beat my expectations, well worth the money
“The dynamic range of the sensor is a whole new world compared to the older D200 sensor and the FX lenses are a joy to work with. I have a whole new reason to shoot photos at any given chance simply because the results are just glorious. I hadn’t expected this level of performance.” – By MountainMan
Rating: ★★★★★

NIce Job, Nikon
“The 24MP is big enough to crop,without losing alot of detail, but what is really nice is the high iso capabilties that you need for wildlife and birds! As you know, when shooting birds in flight, you often have to crop when they are high in the school, even with large Nikon 500mm f4 VR lenses!” – By Kevin Brown
Rating: ★★★★★

Finally, full frame value
“ISO 6400 looks a lot like ISO 1600, which looks mostly like ISO 800, which isn’t so bad compared to ISO 400, which looks like ISO 200??? ISO is irrelevant on this sensor. Well, maybe not irrelevant, but it sure is impressive to be shooting above 800 and have such minimal noise.” – By D. Emerson
Rating: ★★★★★

Upgraded from D7000, pleased so far
“The picture quality is very good. Just the same, I thought the D7000 took excellent pictures too so I wouldn’t expect a significant increase in picture quality from the move to the D600. The additional megapixels should help if you find yourself in a position where you have to crop quite a bit.” – By Brian
Rating: ★★★★★

Amazing Camera
“Incredible resolution even when pixel peeping at 200 or 400%. Handling and layout about the same as the D7000. That is, great. At least one stop greater ISO performance. – Maybe more. Great low light performance. Very good results with older lenses. Maybe because of the it’s lower pixel frequency.” – By Dan De Lion
Rating: ★★★★★

Fantastic for the price
“I have been a D7000 user who just got D600. This camera is right at home for me since most controls are similar and better. I am not 100% happy with the AF speed in low light, but hey I did not pay that much, so I should not complain. I love the image quality at lower ISO.” – By Y. Yamamoto
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Full Frame Camera
“Video quality seems to be on par with the D800. I’m not sure what the bit rate is but it doesn’t seem to compress the footage as much as the D7000 does. It also has a clean HDMI so that’s a plus for external recording needs. The dynamic range of the D600 is unparalleled at this price point. Noticed a huge difference even when shooting video.” – By Chad
Rating: ★★★★☆

Very impressive
“The advancements in focusing are excellent. It is easy to switch between modes and even to select the exact focus spot (a subject’s eye). The viewfinder notifies you when it reads the spot as focused. I’ve found it very accurate.” – By dr. lowbrow
Rating: ★★★★★

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Samples Images

Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison Sample Photos

Canon EOS 6D Sample Photos

Canon EOS 6D Sample Photos @ Canon

Canon EOS 6D Sample Photos @ Flickr

Nikon D600 Sample Photos

Nikon D600 Sample Photos @

Nikon D600 Sample Photos @

Nikon D600 Sample Photos @

Nikon D600 Sample Photos @

Nikon D600 Sample Photos @


Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Canon EOS 6D User Manual is coming soon.

– Download Nikon D600 User Manual (PDF – 24.2 MB)


Canon EOS 6D VS Nikon D600 Comparison Features

Canon EOS 6D Features

Canon EOS 6D is designed with a 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor which delivers outstanding images quality in high resolution and detail with excellent speed and performance. The sensor also combined with the powerful DIGIC 5+ image processor and 14-bit A/D conversion which provides ISO sensitivities of 100-25600 (with expanded sensitivities of L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400) and can shoot at up to 4.5fps in full resolution. While the images processor also features with two 4-channel A/D converter front-end processing circuits and new algorithms to enhance the noise reduction and images processing speed.


This camera also has an 11-point autofocus system for acquiring precise focus and with its new centered cross-type AF point including EV -3 sensitivity ensure the Canon EOS 6D has impressive performance and focus in low-light situations. There is multi-layer 63-zone iFCL (intelligent Focus Color Luminance) Metering System which delivers accurate results, especially in situations where the light changes quickly. Moreover, with continuous shooting speed up to 4.5fps, the camera allows you to capture fast action.


With this camera, you also able to record Full HD Video with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p (29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 30p (29.97) / 25p) with 4 GB automatic file partitioning (continuous recording time: 29 minutes, 59 seconds), selectable “All i-frame” (UHS-I Card is required) or IPB compressions, embedded timecode, and manual audio level control.

In addition, Canon EOS 6D is equipped with Built-in Wi-Fi capability which allows you to wirelessly transfer your images to social networking sites through CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, and Built-in GPS technology which automatically record locational data and embed this information into the metadata of your images, allowing you to geotag your shots and map out where each shot was taken.


Canon EOS 6D also has designed with a 3.0-inch TFT LCD monitor has 1,040,000 dots, anti-reflective construction and features Canon’s Clear View technology for clear playback and review of your images and videos.

Canon EOS 6D Features:

+ 20.2MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

+ 3.0″ Clear View High Resolution LCD

+ DIGIC 5+ Image Processor

+ Built-In Wi-Fi and GPS Connectivity

+ Full HD 1080p with Manual Controls

+ 11-Point AF with Center Cross-Type Point

+ 63-Zone Dual Layer Metering Sensor

+ Extended ISO Range of 50-102400

+ Up to 4.5 Full Resolution FPS

+ Built-In HDR and Multiple Exposure Modes

Nikon D600 Features

The Nikon D600 is a FX-Format Digital SLR Camera comes with 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor that combined with EXPEED 3 images processing engine to capture exceptional images quality with remarkable speed and accuracy. This combination also enabling up to 5.5fps continuous shooting at full resolution. While the ISO range of 100-6400 extended down to 50 and up to 25,600 allowing the camera has incredible low-light performance to capture crystal clear image in dim light situations. In addition, this camera has one of the best. 39 focus points with wide-area AF coverage which ensures users can capture razor-sharp images and HD videos.


Features Scene Recognition System with 3D Color Matrix Metering II, the Nikon D600 is able to produces consistently beautiful photos and HD videos. Moreover, the camera allows users to shoot 1080p HD videos with selectable frame rates of 30p, 25p or 24p and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression, even it enable to record 720p HD at 60p, 50p or 30p for ultra-smooth video playback of fast moving subjects, or create slow-motion footage. The Nikon D600 also enable users to enhance their video recording by offering manual exposure control, fulltime AF with face-priority and subject tracking, dedicated inputs for a stereo mic and headphones, still image exporting, and much more.


Additionally, the camera is offer Wi-Fi camera control and mobile photo sharing by connecting the camera with an optional WU-1b Wireless Adapter. It lets you to wirelessly transfer photos to your smartphone, tablet or any compatible Wi-Fi enabled device. Nikon D600 also has built-in pop-up flash which helps users for lighting in low-light shooting situations.


Nikon D600 Features:

+ Nikon’ most compact FX-format HD-SLR

+ Newly developed 24.3 MP FX-format CMOS sensor

+ Share D600 images with the optional WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter (sold seperately)

+ Cinema-quality Full HD (1080p)

+ Compatible with all NIKKOR lenses, FX and DX formats


Based on the cameras features comparison and reviews above, we can recomend Canon EOS 6D over the Nikon D600 because its advantages which offers superior in built-in connectivity, weight, higher ISO range, support for time code in movies, and the use of the same advanced movie codecs like the 5DM3. Not only that, Canon EOS 6D also has cheaper price than Nikon D600. However, Nikon D600 is also not bad camera, it has a 100 percent coverage viewfinder, better-rated burst speed, a more weather-friendly build and durable shutter, a headphone jack, dual SD card slots, a slightly larger LCD, and a cheaper kit. But, to make a good decision it depend of your need.

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