Canon EOS 5D – Review @ CameraLabs

CameraLabs have recently published a review of the Canon EOS 5D, a 12.8 megapixel full frame Digital SLR camera with 2.5″ LCD Screen.

Canon EOS 5D

“The Nikon D200 beats the 5D in all these respects while virtually matching its resolving power and crucially coming in around £700 cheaper for the body alone. Certainly, if you have no allegiance to either company and are happy using cropped sensors with very short focal length lenses, then the D200 is a better bet. But if you’re an existing Canon SLR owner looking to upgrade, whether from digital or film, or simply someone who wants to match 35mm quality and coverage, then the 5D is a compelling proposition. Certainly if you were already considering a 30D and a decent EF-S lens, the 5D body is tantalisingly within reach. Ultimately you’re buying the 5D for the sensor, which along with Canon’s image processing, delivers superb pictures, beaten only by the high-end 1Ds Mark II.”

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