Canon EOS 5D – Review by Larryl Greenhill

Larry Greenhill reviewed the Canon EOS 5D @ PhotographyReview and wrote:

Canon EOS 5D

“At ISO 100, the EOS 5D’s image quality is clean and smooth, with no artifacts or jaggies. Noise in the shadows is minimal all the way up to ISO 800. The sample images taken in the forest (see right) reveal detail in the shadows, both at the corners and at the center of the image. Some mild noise becomes detectible at ISO 1600. See the controlled studio tests to best evaluate image quality and compare with other cameras. The 5D’s color reproduction was impressive, both in dynamic range, depth, and ability to register what was there.

The Canon EOS 5D lives up to the hype. It breaks new ground with its full-frame sensor and huge rear panel LCD. Comparing it to Canon’s $7,999 flagship EOS 1Ds Mark II tells it all. The 5D offers a comparable full-frame sensor but beats the more expensive Canon with its lightweight construction, simple control layout, simplified menu, and a much larger LCD monitor. “

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